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How rostering software helps your business

Using a manual rostering system for shift-based teams can be problematic. From payroll budgets to staff availability and positions, all factors that go into tailoring the most efficient rosters need to be considered to avoid inflated wage costs and non-compliance.

Many businesses have already made the switch to sophisticated online rostering systems, reaping the benefits of cost control, productivity and built-in compliance. With features such as rostering apps, AI-powered smart rostering and the ability to schedule based on demand, building cost-effective rosters has never been easier or more efficient.

This article will go into detail about why businesses need to kick their manual processes and implement rostering software to improve operations and gain a competitive advantage.

Automate shift rostering

If you’ve ever created a roster from scratch, you understand how challenging it is to stay on top of all the elements that make up an efficient roster – employee availability, hour-by-hour demand, wage costs, employee positions and employment types – to name a few.

What if you could click a button and create a roster that automatically considers all of these elements? Rostering software can do just that. Shift rostering is made easy with Roubler’s smart roster feature analysing data inputs, taking into account built-in rulesets to generate a comprehensive forecast of exactly who needs to be rostered on, and when.

Remain payroll compliant

Keeping up with legislative regulations is an essential part of knowing how to schedule staff effectively. It’s not easy to always remain compliant, especially when manually creating rosters. The last thing you want to do is risk underpaying your staff – a costly mistake for any business.

With Roubler’s online rostering system, the ability to build in legislative changes make it easy for you to remain compliant. You’ll gain peace of mind when it comes to meeting obligations and paying your team correctly.

Refine rostering costs

One of the best rostering tips you can receive is to use rostering software that gives you total clarity over your labour costs, helping prevent instances of unnecessary overtime.

Roubler’s rostering software allows you to view costings per employee, day, and roster period, enabling you to build out cost-effective rosters based on demand. You can use Roubler’s labour efficiency tool to optimise rosters in line with forecast and actual results, keeping labour costs within budget.

Leverage valuable insights

If you’re still using calculators and complex Excel formulas to conjure up labour cost reports, you’re missing out on all the benefits that come with real-time analytics and the ability to track trends and predict demand.

Roubler’s online rostering system allows businesses to access comprehensive roster reporting with one click, giving you instant insight into business performance, employee attendance, wage costs and more. The cost centre feature goes one step further, enabling the tracking of costs within specific departments and better understanding your staffing and labour efficiency.

Increase rostering productivity

Shift-based workforces often involve large teams with differing availability, costs and experience. Shift rostering to minimise instances of understaffing and absenteeism can be challenging without a rostering software solution to automatically let you know who is and isn’t available.

Rostering software will help you avoid having to find cover in short notice and roster based on demand. Employees can indicate changes to their availability through the self service app, which is then reflected in the rostering process. This saves the need for managers to go back and adjust rosters.

Get in touch with one of Roubler’s workforce management experts to find out how we can help you transform your rostering practices and make the most out of an online rostering system.

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Samantha Hill
Samantha Hill
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