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Integrated Payroll Software

We understand the importance of delivering a secure, accurate, compliant payroll on-time, every time.

Roubler’s online cloud based payroll software is Hong Kong’s only truly integrated all-in-one HRIS and payroll software system with employee self service app. Roubler is Hong Kong’s most comprehensive and easy to use payroll system suitable for all sizes of business.

Roubler’s unique one system technology eliminates data entry forever with streamlined customisable onboarding and one database with a single source of truth ensuring that you never have to transfer, upload or integrate multiple systems to process your payro.

Key Benefits of Roubler’s Payroll Software

  • One fully integrated system. No more transferring data from your time and attendance system. The powerful Roubler one system instantly and automatically processes the data.
  • Cloud based payroll software, providing significant cost savings.
  • Payroll governance and statutory payroll compliance are covered. Have the peace of mind knowing that your payroll is accurate and you are compliant with your statutory requirements.
  • Employee Self Service (ESS) eliminates data entry and improves employee engagement
  • Built specifically for Hong Kong businesses. We understand and respect the importance of payroll.
  • Save time, money and drive significant efficiencies through your HR and payroll function.

All-in-one features.

Employee Self Service

Significant time savings and reduced payroll costs allowing employees to access, change and manage their personal pay details, submit leave requests, manage timesheets, expenses and more.

  • Update employee details bank details
  • Apply and manage leave
  • View leave balances
  • Enter timesheets
  • Unavailability register
  • View ralendar
  • View pay slips and payment summaries

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Cost Effective Cloud-Based Payroll System

Roubler’s cost effective all-in-one cloud based HRIS and payroll system automates the payroll processing requirements saving you and your team significant time and ensuring accuracy and reliability of data.  Roubler’s payroll system supports a wide range of industries and business sizes, focused on delivering an automated, reliable and secure payroll software to Hong Kong businesses.

  • Payroll governance
  • Flexible and reliable software
  • Cloud-based payroll software
  • Statutory payroll compliance
  • Mobile payroll App

Flexible Payroll Reporting

Roubler payroll has a comprehensive range of flexible payroll reporting features to make informed payroll decisions on employee wages.

  • Payroll reports
  • Employee reports
  • Tax and compliance reporting
  • Employee leave reports

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Compliant Payroll Software

Roubler’s payroll software is compliant with all relevant Hong Kong employment regulations to ensure that your payroll is always accurate and up-to-date.

  • Automated Wage Calculations
  • Pay Rates Templates
  • Superannuation Automation
  • Automatic Regulation Updates
  • Pay Conditions
  • Enterprise Agreement
  • Automatic Pay Adjustments

Automated Pay Conditions Engine

Roubler’s industry leading best in class pay conditions engine with highly intuitive user interface allows the payroll team to automate the payroll as much as possible. Below are a few of the conditions the Roubler payroll conditions engine allows you to manage. Roubler also provides you with real time costings as you build your roster based on the conditions you create.

  • Time of day
  • Day of week
  • Allowances
  • Shift breaks
  • Split shifts
  • Shift conditions
  • Public holidays
  • Overtime
  • Time in Lieu Accruals (TIL)
  • Rostered days off (RDOs)
  • Employee classifications (including higher duties)
  • Meal breaks and allowances
  • Location based conditions and allowances
  • Maximum hours per day

Realise the benefits of all-in-one payroll software

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"Roubler allows retailers to make operational efficiencies across their business"

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"The biggest thing is how much time it has freed up for me"

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