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Employee self service (ESS) and payroll software app

Empower employees to access the information they need anywhere, any time.

Mobile employee app

Roubler’s employee self service app lets your team stay connected 24/7. It enables them to check their roster, swap shifts, manage expenses and request leave, all from the palm of their hand.

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Manage leave on employee mobile app

Manage employee timesheets and leave requests

Manage employee timesheets and leave requests with the Roubler mobile app. This feature allows you to check, approve or decline timesheets and leave requests anywhere, any time. It’s as easy as swipe left, swipe right.

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Engage with your employees

Engaging with your team has never been easier. Roubler’s powerful employee self service feature lets you communicate with ease, enabling your employees to access everything from the latest HR policies to the upcoming week’s roster from their mobile phone or desktop.

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Protect your team with hygienic clocking

Designed with cleanliness in mind, the mobile time clock feature gives your team a safe and hygienic way to clock in and out of their shift directly from the app. This ensures that there is no need for everyone to touch the same kiosk or device.

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Check in on your employees’ health

You can create a set of questions for your team to answer when they clock in for their shift. Use it for Covid-related health checks, such as whether they’ve been in contact with anyone who’s sick, or for general communications and questionnaires.

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employee benefits in app

Provide direct access to employee benefits

Provide your team with access to their staff benefits directly from the mobile app. You can link through to your existing benefits program, or choose from Roubler’s constantly-expanding list of benefits.

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An employee self service system your team will love

Roubler’s employee self service (ESS) software combines essential HR tasks with cloud technology and an easy-to-use interface to give your employees an easy way to manage their working lives.

Employees have the freedom to check their roster, accept and decline shifts, make leave requests, view payslips and important documents and change their personal and payroll information, anywhere they have an internet connection.

Most importantly, all data is instantly synchronised with Roubler’s workforce management and payroll system so there are no data transfer delays. Any changes that are made will automatically be updated across the entire Roubler system. Managing your workforce couldn’t be easier!

A simple, fully integrated ESS system

  • Rest assured that any changes made in the ESS are instantly reflected across Roubler’s entire workforce management system, sychronising in real time.
  • Let employees manage their own personal details as and when their circumstances change.
  • Run a completely paperless workforce – no paper rosters, leave application forms, payslips or timesheets.
  • Create a custom questionnaire to prompt your team to answer important questions before clocking in for their shift.
  • Give your team 24/7 access to rosters, payslips, personal details and leave balances via the mobile app – available on Android and iOS.

Employee self service (ESS) features

Edit employee details

Roubler’s Employee Self Service system removes the burden of data entry for mangers and HR staff and dramatically speeds up HR and onboarding processes. Employees have the power to edit their employee profile – and all information is instantly synchronised with Roubler’s workforce management and payroll tools.

ESS gives your team access to their personal information such as phone number, address, emergency contacts, banking and super fund details, and lets them upload their own profile picture – all through the mobile app or online portal. This frees up time for HR staff and managers, enabling them to concentrate on their core roles.

View rosters and manage shifts

The employee self service app gives your team access to their roster at any time from their smartphone or desktop, eliminating the need for printed rosters, external messaging apps or emails. Employees can swap shifts with their colleagues, and any changes will automatically appear in the roster.

Managers have full visibility over their employees’ rosters, and can manage shifts and toggle between views at the click of a button. Roubler’s integrated ESS and rostering system makes it easy to stay organised and manage your team effectively.

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Advise shift availability

The employee self service feature simplifies the process of communicating staff availability without all the back-and-forth. Employees simply enter the days they are not available directly into the ESS system, and this information is passed automatically into the rostering tool, ensuring that managers don’t inadvertently roster staff on, on a shift they are not able to work.

Manage employee leave

Leave management doesn’t have to be complicated. Roubler lets you say goodbye to paper request forms, long approval processes and multiple systems. Employees and managers can interact directly through the cloud-based web portal or mobile app to apply for and approve leave, simplifying and speeding up the process.

Using Roubler’s employee self service software, employees can submit leave requests at any time, and will receive an instant notification as soon as their manager approves their request. Employees can also view leave balances and requests at any time.

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Submit expense claims

Employees can manage the expense claim process via the employee self service mobile app or web portal. This makes it easy for them to take a photograph of their receipt, submit a claim, cancel existing expense requests and view pending, approved and declined requests no matter where they are.

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Access pay slips and payment summaries

Roubler’s employee self service feature eliminates the need for paper payslips and frees up your payroll team’s time by reducing time-consuming queries about payment summaries. With ESS, employees can view, download and email their payment summaries and pay slips directly from the online portal or mobile app.

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View important documents

The document library feature makes it easy to share key information with your entire team, or with select groups, so they have access to the HR policies, handbooks and information they need directly through the cloud portal or mobile app.

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