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Food and beverage workforce
management software

Roubler provides Hong Kong food and beverage businesses with one seamless system for all their workforce management needs.

Gain data clarity, drive customer service, help ensure compliance and create efficiencies workforce-wide.

workforce management

Managing the food and
beverage workforce

Hong Kong‘s food and beverage sector has been greatly impacted by recent global events. Uncertainty moving forward makes it difficult for businesses to reduce costs while maintaining a high standard of service.

An agile and flexible approach to workforce management is key to streamlining processes, refining labour costs and maintaining award compliance in the food and beverage industry.

Automate onboarding and induction

The food and beverage industry is incredibly fast-paced, so new team members need to feel ready to go from the moment they start their
first shift.

Roubler’s automated onboarding feature allows HR to go paperless, provide staff with custom programs and collect personal details, all while providing a great onboarding experience.

hospitality rostering

Roster shift-based teams
to maximise profitability

Roubler’s AI rostering not only allows managers to create intelligent schedules with a single click, but also provides clarity over staffing costs.

Create rosters based on food and beverage certifications and skill sets such as RSAs, catering or health and safety qualifications, to ensure the right employees are on shift at the right time.

Remain compliant to food and
beverage employment laws

Roubler’s all-in-one workforce management software solution includes
built-in compliance checks and measures across rostering, time and attendance, and payroll, providing peace of mind and reducing the risk
of misinterpretation.

Gain insightful workforce
business intelligence

With numerous staff to manage and plenty of shifts to fill, it’s essential to have visibility over business intelligence that allows managers to remain within budgets.

Roubler’s powerful workforce analytics help managers create the
efficiencies they need to drive constant improvement with forecasted labour costs measured against actual costs and sales.

Trusted by businesses worldwide

success story

Discover how Roubler helped Ben and the team from Johnny Rockets create efficiencies across the entire business, helping them prepare for future growth.

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“Roubler is saving our managers an hour a day. If we break that down over the course of the year, it’s saving us thousands of dollars just on labour.”


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More about seamless food and beverage workforce management software

Food and beverage workforce software

Roubler is an all-in-one workforce management solution that allows you to recruit, onboard, manage and pay your food and beverage staff all from one seamless system.

Roubler’s unique HR and payroll system for the food and beverage industry simplifies your day-to-day, increasing efficiency, driving productivity and helping ensure compliance based on food and beverage rates in Hong Kong.

Business intelligence software connected to your POS system

Roubler’s food and beverage business intelligence software allows you to connect important analytics directly to your POS system so you can measure wage cost vs sales and make informed decisions based on demand and budgets.

Hong Kong food and beverage industry HR and payroll software

Roubler’s HR and payroll software makes managing a food and beverage business are seamless from onboarding to rostering, right through to managing and paying staff. It’s truly the software solution built with HR and payroll teams in mind.

Food and beverage employee self service app

Roubler’s employee self service app allows your food and beverage staff to stay connected 24/7 anywhere, anytime. It enables them to check their roster, swap shifts, manage expenses and request leave, all from one place, and empowers them to take control of their work-life.

Food and beverage time and attendance software

Capture accurate clock in and clock out data on either the mobile app or clocking device send approved timesheets straight to payroll for processing, making manual data entry a thing of the past with Roubler’s food and beverage time and attendance software.

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