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Streamlined Time & Attendance

Time and attendance management has never been easier. Roubler’s cloud-based time clock software offers complete visibility and automatic calculation of overtime and complex payroll rules such as higher duties or split shifts, leave entitlements and many others. Roubler’s all-in-one HR, time and attendance and payroll management software means no exporting or slow API integrations: timesheets are approved with one click and are automatically sent to payroll for processing.

A smarter approach to time & attendance

  • Live and real time attendance feed from on-site tablet time clock
  • Track labour costs and populate timesheets automatically in real time
  • View rostered times, clock in and out times and grace period times
  • Set rounding rules and grace periods to streamline the approval process
  • Auto approve timesheets based on grace period rules
  • Set multiple approval steps for quality control

All-in-one features.

Inbuilt time clock

Roubler’s inbuilt time clock, accessed on a pin-secured Samsung tablet, records employee’s clock in/out and break data. Our real-time online employee time and attendance software stops time theft, encourages punctuality and saves you money paying for unworked hours.

  • Secure, mobile clock in/out process using a Samsung tablet
  • Fully automated system feeds time clock data into timesheets for approval
  • Eliminates paper timesheets and data entry
  • Shift audit trail of all time clock event including shift commencement, multiple breaks and shift completion

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Reduced overtime costs

Roubler’s real-time sign-in/sign-out functionality puts an end to unnecessary overtime costs as you’re only paying for actual time worked – down to the minute.

  • Time and attendance software offers visibility of planned versus actual hours
  • Never pay for un-worked hours
  • Use the employee tracker to craft a schedule with the best productivity

Instant roster updates

Roubler provides employees with around the clock access to schedules and shift change details, combined email and push notification reminders of upcoming shifts. This gives employees less chance to misread or forget shifts and gives you greater peace of mind that the schedule will be filled as planned.

  • Employees will always be up-to-date with their rosters
  • Quick and easy notification of any shift changes
  • Instant updates if an employee is running late
  • Increased employer confidence that each day will run according to plan

Complete payroll compliance

Roubler’s online time and attendance software automatically calculates any combination of time rates, overtime, complex arrangements such as higher duties or split shifts, leave entitlements, pensions and other industry-specific provisions. Roubler removes the hassle of trying to stay across legislative changes, allowing you to focus on managing your workforce.

  • Fully-integrated and up-to-date payroll legislation compliance
  • Easily calculate complicated weekend, public holiday, and night shift remuneration
  • Leave entitlements, pensions, and allowances automatically calculated
  • No risk of hefty backpay or non-compliance fines

Automatic synchronisation with payroll

Information sourced from time and attendance is seamlessly transferred to Roubler’s payroll, so you’ll never need to manually enter information or use a paper timesheet again.

  • Never waste time or risk errors with paper time sheets and manual data entry
  • Save time and resources to focus on core business goals
  • Only pay for the hours clocked in and approved
  • Easily access payroll reports

Discover the benefits of Roubler’s Time & Attendance and Timeclock system

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