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Managing time & attendance

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Employee time theft is one of the most important factors affecting the profitability of your hospitality business.

04 Feb 2021 / Fleur Murphy
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Without the right tools and information at hand, rostering can take up hours of valuable time that managers should be spending with their staff on the shop floor.

06 Jan 2021 / Samantha Hill
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From onboarding to time tracking, managing Christmas staff needs to be all about efficiency, so here are some tips on how you can manage your temporary team this holiday season.

16 Dec 2020 / Samantha Hill
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Managers face a constant battle – to upgrade or not upgrade. Beware of false profits, or at least …

05 Sep 2019 / Andrew Northcott
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Effective rostering allows a Manager to respond to the unpredictable nature of customer demand and impacts profitability more …

03 Sep 2019 / Andrew Northcott
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The Bundy Time Clock, often considered the earliest time clock, was invented by Willard Le Grand Bundy in …

09 Apr 2019 /
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