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Online learning management system (LMS)

Nurture your team and upskill your workforce with our sophisticated LMS, and the world’s largest online training library.

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Provide world-class e-learning

Our mobile-friendly e-learning feature will help you unlock your team’s potential by providing them with the very best training which they can access online anytime, anywhere. You can choose from thousands of courses created by leading training providers all over the world, or design your own online training programs within our user-friendly learning management system. It’s never been easier to create a compelling learning experience for your employees.

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Embed training into your onboarding process

Develop and train your new employees before their first shift with our training and content system. This feature lets you prompt staff to complete the necessary training modules as part of the onboarding process, ensuring you won’t inadvertently roster anyone on that does not have the knowledge or certifications they need to do their job.

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Delivering online learning is easy with Roubler and GO1

With Roubler and GO1, the world’s best training resources are at your fingertips. Our partnership gives you and your team access to 170,000 online learning resources, and brings you together with more than 1.5 million learners worldwide.

Our seamless single sign on process makes juggling separate systems a thing of the past – everything your need to onboard, manage, roster, train and pay your staff is available all in one place.

Cloud-based learning management system

  • Reduce risk across your business with up-to-date compliance training courses developed by subject matter experts
  • Design customised e-learning programs and content for your staff quickly and easily with our intuitive, easy-to-use LMS
  • Let employees access training wherever and whenever they choose, thanks to our mobile-friendly e-learning system
  • Track completions and results for courses such as onboarding and health and safety with our configurable reports.

Online training features

Access 170,000 learning resources

Our e-learning feature gives you access to training resources from the best providers in the world to help you upskill your staff and improve compliance. Choose from more than 170,000 off-the-shelf training materials covering:

  • Compliance
  • Health and safety
  • Human resources
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Customer service
  • Communication
  • Finance
  • Project management
  • Personal development
  • Sales.

Build your own courses

Our easy-to-use course creation tools make it simple to compile your own e-learning courses.

  • Seamlessly integrate e-learning materials into your onboarding process
  • Upload material in a wide variety of formats including SCROM, xAPI, PDF, MP4 and Microsoft Office files
  • Easily move your own content from hard copy or a third-party system into a simple, cloud-based system
  • Create simple yet sophisticated assessment tools with the built-in quiz builder
  • Use your own domain or choose a subdomain to host your e-learning portal
  • Create compulsory certification courses for staff whose credentials need to be renewed annually.

LMS reporting

Our LMS platform provides a sophisticated reporting tool, so you can keep track of everything from to onboarding training, to compliance, to course completions, with a range of analytics reports.

  • Access out-of-the-box reports for quick reporting
  • Create new default reports with simple filtering and sorting functions
  • Receive notifications and alerts based on e-learning progress
  • Track course completion and measure the effectiveness of training by analysing assessment results.

Mobile e-learning

With the average person checking their mobile phone as much as 150 times a day, providing your team with mobile-friendly training options is essential. Our mobile-responsive e-learning design allows managers and staff to access all courses from their smartphone or tablet, no matter where they are.

  • Let staff complete training anywhere, anytime: while commuting, at home or at work
  • Encourage course completion by making it easier for your team to access their training.

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