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HR and payroll software for Hong Kong’s hospitality industry

Onboard, roster, manage and pay your shift-based staff with one seamless system.


Save up to 26% on overtime costs in the first month.


Reduce the time you spend creating rosters by 81%.


Improve productivity and efficiency by up to 15%.

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Help your hospitality business thrive

Recent global events have hit Hong Kong‘s fast-paced hospitality industry hard. These times of economic instability are making it more difficult than ever for businesses to reduce costs and maintain the high standard of service they are known for.

Saving money and doing business efficiently is now more vital than ever. That’s where Roubler comes in.

Our seamless software will help you onboard, manage, roster and pay your team, all in one easy-to-use and cost-effective system, so you can focus on making your business thrive.

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Smart rostering feature

Keep wage costs to a minimum and maximise productivity with Roubler’s smart rostering feature, based on each team member’s preferred shifts, availability and seniority, maximising productivity.

Streamline training and induction

Ensure your new team members are ready to hit the ground running with our onboarding feature. Collect their essential details and have them complete their induction training online, without the paperwork.

Protection from time theft

Ensure your staff only get paid for the hours they are actually working. Roubler’s time and attendance software lets your team easily keep track of their shifts and keeps your business running smoothly.

All-in-one software system

Our cloud-based software gives you everything you need to onboard, roster, manage and pay your staff in one cost-effective system, so there’s no need for messy integrations or multiple platforms.

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