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Australia’s best modern award interpretation software

Instantly access Fair Work awards for rostering and payroll with Australia’s best cloud-based online modern award interpretation software.

Enable compliance with all-in-one software

With Roubler, compliance doesn’t just begin with payroll, it is a best practice embedded throughout your business. Our all-in-one solution includes built-in checks and measures to help prevent accidental mistakes when building rosters or approving shifts.

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Reduce the effort of award interpretation

Australia’s modern award system is notoriously complex. Roubler takes
care of modern award interpretation for you, reducing your risk
of non-compliance.

Our all-in-one software will notify managers if they are not rostering according to the relevant award, provide accurate labour costings from the moment they roster an employee and automatically calculate pay rates and entitlements for each employee.

Always use the latest modern awards

Roubler provides you with a system that is award compliant from day one. Award interpretations are built in, helping ensure compliance across rostering, T&A and payroll in line with the latest changes from Fair Work.

Our built-in award interpretation helps ensure your staff are rostered correctly and receive correct entitlements. Staff with administrator-level permissions are able to authorise the latest award changes so they are automatically updated across your entire workforce management system.

modern award compliance software

Adhere to annualised salary requirements

Annualised salaries are intended to help ensure employees are accurately compensated in line with awards, but for many businesses they add a layer of confusion to an already complex system.  Roubler’s built-in annualization tool allows payroll to analyse historical timesheet data against a relevant award, helping prevent underpayments.

Simplify the casual conversion process

Casual conversion regulations are a stumbling point for many businesses. Roubler now includes a timely alert to help you manage the process more efficiently, prompting managers to review casual employees’ shift patterns in the leadup to their anniversary date.

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Benefit from our relationship with Fair Work

Roubler worked closely with the Fair Work Commission, contributing to the team that is digitising award compliance processes Australia-wide. This will ultimately see Roubler have access to changes to modern awards directly from the Fair Work Commission via an API.

We were trying to manage our workforce with several systems that didn’t talk to each other. Roubler brings everything together seamlessly.”


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Key payroll compliance functionality

  • Compliance beginning with the roster
  • Built-in modern award interpretation
  • Automated modern award updates
  • Sophisticated, predefined pay rules
  • Alerts to identify compliance risk
  • Easy-to-use annualised salaries tool
  • Clear audit trails and audit reporting.

Key compliance software benefits

  • Gain peace of mind with always-on compliance
  • Ensure compliance with built-in checks and alerts
  • Create data clarity with a single source of truth
  • Build rosters in line with predefined pay rules
  • Alert managers to potential compliance conflicts
  • Benefit from Roubler’s relationship with Fair Work.

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Our pre-built modern awards

Below are some of the 40+ pre-built awards available through our cloud-based payroll and workforce management software.

More modern award interpretation and compliance features

Award interpretation software

Roubler includes built-in modern award interpretation to help ensure compliance when calculating pay rates. These awards are updated automatically, ready for administrators to approve and roll out across the system.

Awards include but are not limited to:

  • Aged Care Award 2010 [MA000018]
  • Amusement, Events and Recreation Award 2020 [MA000080]
  • Animal Care and Veterinary Services Award [MA0000118] 
  • Fast Food Industry Award 2010 [MA000003]
  • Food, Beverage and Tobacco Manufacturing Award 2020 [MA000073] 
  • Fitness Industry Award 2020 [MA000094]
  • Gardening and Landscaping Services Award 2020 [MA000101]
  • Hair and Beauty Industry Award 2010 [MA000005]
  • Hospitality Industry (General) Award 2020 [MA000009]
  • Meat Industry Award 2020 (MA000059)
  • Pharmacy Industry Award 2020 [MA000012]
  • Registered and Licensed Clubs Award 2020 [MA000058]
  • Restaurant Industry Award 2020 [MA000119]       
  • Retail (Baking) Industry Award 2020 [MA000004]  
  • Retail (General – Extended Hours) Industry Award 2020 [MA000004]  
  • Retail (General – Shiftworker) Industry Award 2020 [MA000004] 
  • Retail (General) Industry Award 2020 [MA000004] 
  • Retail (Newsagent) Industry Award 2020 [MA000004].

Complete control over compliance settings

Administrators have control over company-wide settings, ensuring only those with the relevant knowledge and permissions can override compliance settings. Roubler will automatically notify management if there is a compliance risk – for example, if a staff member is rostered outside of built-in pay rules – helping prevent compliance issues as they emerge.

Payroll without the effort

Roubler’s sophisticated payroll software removes the complexity of managing different payroll rules, awards or enterprise agreements. Our modern award interpretation helps you ensure each employee is paid accurately in line with the award, without the need for manual calculations. You can also set pay rules that will automatically calculate your payroll and penalties for you, should your business pay above standard award rates.

Auditing for payroll compliance

Roubler’s easy-to-use reporting features and built-in audit tools enable you to quickly retrieve accurate data from across your entire workforce, come audit time. Our all-in-one system means all your data is available in the same place – including payroll, time and attendance, and employee details. This means a clear audit trail is available as required.

Data integrity safeguarded

Roubler provides a single source of truth for your entire workforce management – across everything from rostering, to time and attendance, to payroll with no manual data entry or messy integrations required. This makes it easy to maintain data integrity and reliability, making compliance and audit processes more accurate and efficient.

Compliance and leave entitlements

Roubler was designed with compliance at its core. Built-in pay rules and award interpretations help ensure that staff receive the leave they are entitled to, and managers will be alerted if they try to roster an employee outside of these rule sets.


Will Roubler help my business stay compliant? 

Roubler provides peace of mind compliance with built-in checks and measures to help prevent accidental mistakes from happening when building rosters or approving shifts.

How long does it take to make changes to an award?

With Roubler, managers are automatically notified of the latest changes to awards and simply need to approve for the changes to be implemented throughout rostering, time and attendance and payroll.

Does Roubler automatically update an employee’s pay rate based on their date of birth?

Roubler’s workforce management software automatically updates employee pay rates based on their date of birth, meaning you can rest assured employees are paid correctly.

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