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Employee Rostering system How to’s & training, learning, FAQs. Find everything you need to know for Employee Scheduling Software

Does Roubler permit an employee to highlight periods of unavailability to the scheduling tool e.g. due to leave?

Roubler’s mobile application & web portal allows employees to enter periods of unavailability and leave requests to be approved by their supervisor. Once approved these employees will be unavailable for rostering during the specified and approved period of leave/unavailability

Can Roubler allow for employees to confirm acceptance of their rostered time?

Roubler’s mobile application provides employees with the ability to confirm their acceptance of their roster. The Employee also has the ability to request periods of unavailability so that supervisors are not able to roster them during this time.

Does Roubler provide work schedule information to the employee including the start time, end time and rostered breaks?

Through Roubler’s mobile app and employee web portal, employees are notified of published rosters via a push notification on their phone. They can also log in and view these rosters via their mobile phone app or the web based employee portal. There is an option for employees to be notified via email.

Does Roubler confirm roster to the supervisor and reports on the cost of that roster?

Roubler’s rostering/scheduling software allows manager to simply drop and drag the shifts and Roubler automatically calculates the costs as you build the roster based on your modern award or EBA or payroll rules. Roubler’s Roster will calculate the applicable shift gross labour cost automatically providing totals for departments, days, or weeks. Roubler also provides the ability to provide on costs such as superannuation, workers comp etc. to the labour costings.

Can Roubler ensure that selected employees do not exceed their maximum applicable shift times based on individual employee positions, work restrictions and awards?

Yes, Roubler can provide restrictions for each individual employee with regards to rostered hours, overtime or days of the week.

Does Roubler assist in predicting workload, and incorporate resource availability, work restrictions, defined roles and skill level to help determine the optimum schedule under the restrictions of the relevant award or pay rules?

Roubler’s scheduling tool provides automated optimisation of scheduling “Auto Scheduling”. This functionality is very popular with Roubler customers. Roubler also provide budget and live labour cost & oncost data for the end user to utilise.

Are weather forecasts and local event knowledge incorporated into the Roubler displays?

Yes, Roubler provides weather forecasts and other information throughout the employee schedule and other displays. This provides the user with information to assist in understanding the staffing demands and particularly useful in food retailing.

Does Roubler enable the supervisor to compare rostered schedule to actual attendance and study patterns of employee’s shift work?

Roubler provides a business intelligence dashboard that supervisors can use to compare rostered schedule to actual attendance in real time. This can be based on the current day, week or month as well as historical information. Within Roubler’s T&A module, the supervisor is also presented with an employees rostered shift times, actual clock times and the supervisor then has the ability to approve, reject or edit actual payroll times.

Roubler also has automatic rostering and machine learning scheduling whereby Roubler actually learns what trends or preferences occur in the schedule from each period.

Does a Rejection of the attendance record should include the reason for rejection on return to the employee?

Employees are notified via their mobile application and email of any rejected attendance record with the reason the provide for the rejection

Roubler should have the ability to approve or decline leave requests with an appropriate communication being returned to the requestor?

All leave requests are required to be approved or declined by an employee’s supervisor. Employees can track the status of leave requests via their mobile app or online employee portal. Any rejected leave requests will provide a response with a reason for the request being declined

Does the scheduling solution include interfaces to source employee information and shift availability and pass the rostered shift information to payroll/bookkeeping to determine pay?

Roubler manages the entire life cycle of employees from recruitment, onboarding, rostering, time & attendance, leave & unavailability through to a managed payroll solution. Roubler would replace the need for multiple software platforms. No more data entry, uploading .csv files or messy API integrations across multiple HR and payroll systems.

Is there email and SMS communication to confirm contract sharing, rostered shifts, payroll payments and invoice distribution?

Roubler provides email communication for the purposes of onboarding employees and distributing payslips. All other communication is handled via the mobile application and online employee portal, this includes roster communication, payslip distribution, leave/unavailability requests, employee profile self management. SMS communication is enabled if required at additional cost per sent SMS.