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Franchise workforce
management software

Roubler provides franchise businesses with everything they need to recruit, onboard, manage and pay their multi-location teams.

Gain data clarity, drive employee productivity, help ensure compliance and create workforce-wide efficiencies.

workforce management

Workforce management
for franchises

Recent global events have forced franchisors and franchisees to work together in order to adapt, streamline processes and create greater efficiencies. With many locations, people and processes to manage, it can be difficult to gain clarity over entire franchise workforces.

That’s why it’s essential to have the right cloud-based workforce management system in place to ensure accurate and insightful information is received by the right people, at the right time, enabling robust decision-making.

Manage multi-location teams
with one single system

Handling multiple locations can be challenging without the right solution in place to help provide total visibility over the workforce management of each individual workplace.

Roubler’s cloud-based workforce management software lets you manage different rosters, work areas, roles, activities and locations, all from one single system. This gives you the flexibility and functionality you need to manage any number of stores.

rostering software business intelligence

Gain clarity and transparency

Access to information that provides workforce-wide clarity and empowers decision-makers at all levels – from franchisor to franchisee – to make better, more informed choices.

With Roubler, HR, payroll and managers can easily access essential workforce-related information through the cloud – from visibility over staffing costs, to accurate time and attendance data, to essential payroll
and audit reporting.

Simplify payroll compliance
across multiple locations

Ensuring compliance can be challenging when you have franchises in multiple locations. With Roubler’s payroll software, you can set individual stores up with specific compliance checks and measures across rostering, time and attendance and payroll, helping franchises remain compliant no matter where they’re based. 

Automate onboarding
and induction processes

HR teams need to be able to seamlessly collect new employee information and provide onboarding policies and procedures to franchisees.

Thanks to Roubler’s cloud-based onboarding and induction software, all onboarding data flows seamlessly to rostering, time and attendance, payroll and beyond – without the need for paperwork or manual data entry.

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Discover how implementing Roubler increased efficiencies across the workforce at The Capital Hotels & Apartments, helping them scale the business and remain agile.

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We really needed a platform that would allow us to grow very quickly, and Roubler was that agile solution.


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More about seamless franchise workforce management software

Franchise workforce software

Roubler is an all-in-one workforce management solution that brings together everything you create workforce-wide efficiencies.

Roubler’s unique HR and payroll system for franchise businesses, helps you to simplify your day-to-day, increase efficiency, drive productivity and help ensure compliance based on your specific rates.

Automated franchise time and attendance software

Roubler’s all-in-one franchise time and attendance software lets managers capture accurate clock in and clock out data, and automatically creates timesheets, ready to send through to payroll for processing on approval.

Single-click rostering

Roubler’s AI-driven rostering software helps franchise managers create cost-efficient rosters based on employee leave, availability, and specific business rules – all with a single click.

HR and payroll software for franchise businesses

Provide HR and payroll teams everything they need to effectively do their jobs, and simplify communication from head office to onsite happens in real-time with Roubler’s cloud-based workforce management software.

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