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Business intelligence

Use real-time analytics to keep track of your business trends and create efficiencies.

View your business intelligence in real-time

Stay in tune with your workforce using a live dashboard that gives you up-to-the-minute interactive reporting on your budgets, timesheets, sales and labour efficiency.

You can forecast ongoing labour costs, and access insights into what’s working well and where improvements can be made.

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Access comprehensive reporting with one click

With more than 40 built-in reporting templates you can conveniently access data and records for every aspect of your workforce, from employees to rosters, to payroll and more.

Simplify your business’ reporting needs and easily run, download, and share report templates.

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Create cost centres for in-depth insights

Use the built-in cost centre feature to track the hours and costs within specific departments, locations, and projects in your business to better understand your staffing and labour efficiency.

You can also use this feature to keep track of the costs and performance of your events more easily, and gain deeper insights into the success of campaigns.

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business intelligence

Connect to your POS system

Gain greater visibility over business performance with sales data that syncs from any cloud-based POS system.

Have the ability to link your POS system to your workforce management software, enabling you to track timesheets, rosters, budgets and labour efficiency against sales data, driving better-informed decisions.

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Real-time business intelligence and workforce analytics

Roubler’s intuitive business intelligence dashboard and reports provide you with a range of key metrics and information to help you make data-driven decisions. Our all-in-one system gathers data from across your various business functions, departments and locations to bring you powerful analytics with one source of truth.

Roubler automatically uses historical trends to understand optimal employee numbers for a particular shift and adjust the use of overtime before it affects your budget.

Reliable data to make informed business decisions

  • Achieve greater visibility with your workforce analytics with an all-in-one system.
  • Generate and customise instant, accurate employee and payroll related reports.
  • Use cost centres to determine the true costs of any category in your business.
  • Access real-time data on mobile, tablet and desktop anytime, anywhere.

Business intelligence features

Business intelligence dashboard

Roubler’s business intelligence dashboard gives you a full view of your past, current and future workforce analytics. You can toggle between your multiple business locations and view in-depth analytics to gauge business efficiency, as determined by calculating the percentage of costs to sales.

Pre-built, easy to use reports

Reporting is a critical part of your business and helps you assess where true costs are, especially when it comes to managing payroll. Keep track of your business and workforce performance by accessing a library of pre-built intelligent reports including:

  • Business intelligence report
  • Forecast versus actual costs report
  • Pay run audit report
  • Deductions report
  • Leave balances report
  • Payroll tax report
  • Timesheets report
  • Employee audit report
  • Unpaid employees report
  • Expired documents report
  • And many more!

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Cost centres

The cost centre feature allows you to separately group different functions of your business to track and control the budgeting for each of those groups.

You can use cost centres to quickly determine all the associated costs and labour efficiency for any department, location, project, campaign or event.

Instant visibility of roster costs

Keeping your roster within budget has never been easier. Our intelligent system shows you exactly how much you are spending on each shift each day and can be viewed by employee, location or position.

For greater clarity, you can enter in your forecast revenue for that shift and Roubler gives you instant labour efficiency statistics. sample data you may choose to display in real-time dashboards and within the roster are:

  • View budgeted, scheduled and actual hours
  • View budgeted, scheduled and actual labour costs
  • View sales data – forecast versus actual sales (if integrated with your POS)
  • View labour efficiency ratings both scheduled and actual.

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