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Employee rostering software

Roubler’s AI-driven, automated rostering software will save you time and money.

Create AI rosters with a single click

Roubler’s fully automated smart roster software uses the latest AI techniques to automatically create an efficient roster at the click of a button. It chooses the right staff for each shift based on preset criteria such as qualifications, availability and seniority, reducing the amount of time you spend creating rosters by up to 81%.

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Ensure payroll tax regulation compliance

With Roubler you have true peace of mind knowing that you will meet your payroll tax requirements. Our sophisticated software allows you to set parameters in line with government regulations, taking the complexity out of compliance. Roubler’s auto rostering tool takes these built-in pay rules into consideration and enables you to automatically roster your entire workforce with a click of a button.

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Keep your roster costs to a minimum

Roubler’s roster includes live and accurate labour forecasting data, so you can make the best possible decision about who to roster on to each shift and keep staffing costs to a minimum. It’s never been easier to optimise your roster and reduce your wage bill with our powerful workforce reporting.

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Plan and forecast your roster with ease

Create your roster with ease with this powerful automated tool that can be completely customised to suit your business.

Roubler’s intelligent smart roster automatically assesses which employee is best suited for a shift based on their availability, demand and skills.

There’s no better way to save time and reduce wage costs, all while ensuring you’re payroll tax compliant.

Intuitive online rostering

  • Let our powerful AI smart roster generate the most efficient roster for your business.
  • Reassign shifts with ease thanks to our simple drag and drop interface.
  • Access live KPI data including labour cost, labour efficiency, overtime and hours forecast.
  • Work across multiple sites efficiently with our multi-site rostering tools.

Rostering software features

Intelligent employee rostering software

Roubler’s rostering feature allows you to create rosters quickly and easily. It includes:

  • Live costings, labour efficiency statistics and full full compliance functionality
  • Drag and drop roster functionality for allocating individual shifts
  • Day, week, fortnight and month rostering views
  • Full visibility over leave and availability from your roster
  • The ability to auto complete the entire employee roster with a single click
  • A fast and effective “copy roster” function to speed up the rostering process
  • Workflows that can be incorporated into your rostering process to ensure compliance or to meet operational requirements.

Smart auto rostering tool

Roubler instantly pulls data – including pay rules, leave and availability – from employee profiles to automatically create intelligent online rosters in seconds.

With one click, Roubler uses machine learning to suggest the right employees for each shift and auto-completes your roster, taking into account:

  • Which employees are available in your location
  • What kind of role is required to fill a shift
  • The minimum number of hours off required between shifts
  • Limits around maximum working hours
  • Your customised staff rating.

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Multi-site employee rostering

Whether you run several divisions in the one location, manage multiple locations, or own a franchise, Roubler has flexible roster functionality to suit you. It lets you manage different rosters, work areas, roles, activities and locations all in a single cloud-based software platform. You can:

  • Accurately cost out rosters for each division or location before publishing it
  • Gain full visibility across all locations anytime, anywhere from your mobile, tablet or PC
  • Allocate employees to areas or locations using real time data to support decision making.

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Part time and full time shift patterns

You can save hours of work by automatically setting standard hours on a weekly or fortnightly basis, that can be used to automatically pre-populate your roster. Roubler makes it easy to:

  • Set patterns of work for full-time and part-time employees in their employee profile
  • Choose a weekly or fortnightly date range and start date for the pattern
  • Define the exact hours your employee works each day
  • Use our one-click smart roster tool to auto-fill the rest.

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Complete payroll tax compliance

Roubler’s online rostering software automatically costs out any combination of pay rates, overtime, and complex arrangements such as higher duties or split shifts, and will alert you if you roster an individual outside maximum working hours and minimum break time limits.

This feature gives you:

  • Accurate, reliable, payroll tax compliance
  • Pay rules that are up-to-date with the latest requirements
  • Confidence that you will not be caught out with non-compliance.

Employee self service rosters

Keep your staff informed of the latest changes to their roster via the employee self service app. Roubler will send employees a push notification in the smartphone app when they have a new roster to view, or if a new shift becomes available.

  • Rosters are always visible and communicated live to all employees via Roubler’s mobile app or via the employee self service portal
  • Workflows can be used to communicate changes that require specific acknowledgement or alerts
  • Have the option to allow your workforce to accept rostered shifts and track this in real time from the rostering system.

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Shift swapping without the confusion

Roubler’s shift swapping function streamlines the entire process by allowing your team to accept shifts that become available from the convenience of the employee self service smartphone app, which synchronises instantly with the entire Roubler system.

  • Employees can offer their shift to other team members at the same location using the mobile app. Online rosters are automatically updated when swaps occur.
  • Automatic notifications are sent to all employees about available and taken shifts.
  • Employees can manage their own shifts, taking the burden off managers.

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Ad-hoc shift requests

Roubler gives you the flexibility to send a request to your employees directly from the rostering tool, asking them to accept or reject a change to their existing shifts.

  • Roubler will automatically prompt you if approval from an employee is needed for a particular shift or shift change.
  • Send requests to employees to work a shift that is longer or shorter than their employment conditions allow or without the minimum time between shifts.
  • Send requests to employees to work a shift outside their normal shift pattern or in addition to their current roster or shift pattern.
  • A push notification and email is sent to the employee to alert them of the request. They can then approve or reject the shift. If approved, it will automatically appear in their roster.

Visibility over leave and staff availability

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to move between applications, tabs or even software programs just to check staff availability details while you’re in the middle of creating a roster.

With Roubler, you can view all approved leave and any unavailability from within the rostering tool, saving you time and painstaking cross-checking.

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