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Streamline and automate your onboarding through our paperless & customisable induction system.

roubler provides a fully customisable and completely paperless employee onboarding system. Completely remove data entry from your business. roubler’s employee self service induction and onboarding software will be customised to your specific employee induction and onboarding program.

No more paper based collection of employee information and endless data entry. The first impressions matter. Create a seamless experience for your new hires and eliminate the administrative burden.

Paperless & Customised Induction

  • Completely paperless onboarding & induction process.
  • Fully customisable induction programs to suit any business type.
  • Roubler’s entirely integrated system eliminates the need for data entry completely.
  • Mobile friendly onboarding software makes it quick and easy to onboard new staff members on the go.
  • Move your paper based or third party induction system to single system.

All-in-one features.

Paperless onboarding

Eliminate data entry and reduce admin costs with a paperless onboarding system. It allows your new employees to onboard, induct and familiarise themselves days before their first shift without the hassle of filling out and submitting paperwork.

  • Intuitively remembers the employees prior interaction or application with your HR system so never requires your new team member to enter data twice
  • Create mobile, tablet and desktop friendly welcome programs
  • Completely eliminate data entry from your onboarding program

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Customised induction

Deliver a customised induction program that encourages, empowers and engages with new hires.

  • Fully customisable induction allowing you to provide your new starters with information before they arrive for their first shift
  • Improve time to productivity with our best practise induction processes
  • Provide information prior to commencement on missions, pre-start tasks, a new menu, delivery route, activities, the team

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Payroll & tax  Compliance

Collect all your employees bank, payroll, and employee benefits information before they commence, easily and with entirely no data entry.

  • Employees enter their own bank account and personal information directly into your fully integrated payroll system ready for payroll processing
  • No more data entry errors

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Employment Offers & Acceptance

Create, send and approve job offers with your fully customisable employment contracts and onboarding program.

  • Provide online instant access to offers of employment with a streamlined process to review and accept
  • Mobile friendly onboarding and contract review
  • Reduce delays to secure top candidates

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Realise the benefits of Roubler’s Onboarding tool

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