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Cloud payroll software

Meet all your compliance requirements with our seamless online payroll system.

Eliminate manual data entry

Roubler is the only true end-to-end payroll software supported by a completely integrated workforce management system.

This feature works seamlessly with schedules, time and attendance and leave management, eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring accurate payroll, every time.

Your employees simply clock in and out online, and once their timesheets have been approved, their payroll data will be ready for you to process.

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Bring everything together with one source of truth

Imagine if you could manage your entire workforce with one system, one login, and one source of truth. Roubler eliminates the need for multiple software platforms and messy integrations, bringing everything you need together seamlessly.

From onboarding, to leave requests, to clocking in and out, all data is captured and stored centrally, so you can be assured that your employee and payroll data is accurate. Everything flows directly into the payroll system for fast and easy processing – it really is that simple.

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Make compliance effortless

Roubler takes the complexity out of compliance. Our built-in pay rules align with the latest changes by the Inland Revenue Department, so you’re never at risk of non-compliance.

Our all-in-one workforce management software works as one seamless whole, eliminating the need for manual data entry and cross-checking information, ensuring accurate payroll every time.

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Ensure secure, accurate, compliant payroll

Roubler’s cloud payroll software is the only all-in-one workforce management system designed for shift-based workforces.

We understand the importance of delivering secure, accurate, compliant payroll on time, every time. That’s why we’ve created a system with one central database that encompasses everything from employee onboarding, to scheduling, to time and attendance, to payroll.

Roubler is the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. No more messy data transfers – just one seamless system.

Fully integrated payroll system

  • One fully integrated system.
  • Accurate and compliant payroll.
  • No more transferring data from your HR system or time and attendance system – all data is seamlessly sent to payroll.
  • Roubler’s cloud-based, all-in-one payroll and HR system provides significant cost savings.
  • Employee self service empowers employees to manage their payroll information via tablet, mobile or desktop.

All-in-one payroll features

Payroll regulation compliance

Roubler’s payroll software ensures compliance with relevant employment regulations to help you run your payroll error-free. Our software gives you greater control over payroll governance via:

  • Pay rate templates
  • Mandatory Provident Fund automation
  • Customisable pay conditions engine
  • Automatic pay adjustments.

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Payroll auditing

With Roubler’s built-in compliance, audit trails and reporting, we can help you manage your workforce with ease.

Roubler lets you spend less time preparing for audits, and more time focusing on strategy.

Notifications and alerts prevent managers from making compliance errors when building schedules, approving timesheets and completing pay runs.

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Cost-effective cloud-based payroll software

Roubler’s cloud-based and fully integrated workforce management and payroll software delivers a low-cost, reliable and secure solution for businesses.

  • Roubler is reliable and secure, hosted on Amazon Web Services.
  • Our cloud-based payroll system offers you the flexibility to work wherever is convenient for you, without being office-bound.
  • Our payroll software can be easily and inexpensively scaled up as your business grows.

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Automated pay conditions engine

With its highly intuitive interface, Roubler’s industry-leading pay conditions engine takes care of manual pay calculations to help your team automate most of the decision-making required for payroll.

  • Our pay conditions engine allows you to tailor over a dozen conditions from split shifts to meal breaks and higher duties.
  • Roubler’s completely integrated payroll and workforce management system provides you with real-time costings when you build your schedules based on the conditions you create.

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Flexible payroll reporting

Roubler payroll has a comprehensive range of flexible payroll reporting features to help you make informed decisions, including:

  • Payroll reports
  • Employee reports
  • Tax and compliance reporting
  • Employee leave reports
  • And more…

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Integrated employee self service system

Gain significant time savings and reduce payroll administration costs by enabling employees to access, change and manage their personal details, submit leave requests, and manage their own timesheets, expenses and more. Our employee self service system on desktop or mobile allows employees to:

  • Update employee details and bank details
  • Apply for and manage leave
  • View leave balances
  • Manage their availability
  • Submit expense claims
  • View payslips and payment summaries
  • And more…

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