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hr technology survey

The Human Resources Technology Survey

As the shift of human resources technology continues to edge towards the cloud, PwC interviewed IT and business executives to see how they are adopting the tech. Their report, ‘Innovating for tomorrow’s workforce’ saw that companies are seeking to reduce costs, become more self-sufficient in the IT department, and are setting goals related to their innovation and mobility.

The desire to manage and the track time and attendance of employees is certainly not new – it actually can be evidenced as far back as 1880 with the invention of the Bundy Clock. However, PwC’s survey showed that time and attendance, as well as other elements of human resources, are seeing disruption as a result of cloud based solutions.

The results?

Here are three key findings from the report regarding the uptake of cloud based technologies.

  1. Of all the companies surveyed, 44% already take advantage of the cloud for human resources. This was massive growth on PwC’s previous report, in which only 23% were implanting cloud solutions.
  2. 30% of those interviewed said they intend to shift their human resources to the cloud within the next 3 years.
  3. 59% of surveyed companies can identify benefits relating to managing performance with the use of a mobile device

HR technology survey

Innovating for Tomorrow’s Workforce


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