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Millennials at work Reshaping the workplace

The millennial generation are now entering employment in vast numbers and attracting and retaining these workers is critical to the future of your business.

“Millennials matter because they are not only different from those that have gone before, they are also more numerous than any since the soon-to-retire Baby Boomer generation – millennials already form 25% of the workforce in the US and account for over half of the population in India. By 2020, millennials will form 50% of the global workforce.” Millennials at work Reshaping the workplace, PwC

Millennials expect instant access to information because of their affinity with the digital world and use of technology, which sets them apart. They have grown up with computer access, broadband, smartphones and social media.

Here are 3 examples of how you can meet the needs of this up and coming generation.

  1. Leverage people analytics – metrics and benchmarking to address generational differences, use these to segment your workforce and apply targeted strategies to increase productivity.
  1. Help millennials grow – deploy millennials on special rotational assignments to give them a sense they are developing their toolkit and moving forwards. “Let them connect, collaborate, build their networks – and most of all innovate.” (PwC)
  1. Put the control in their hands – Millennials want flexibility and instant access to information. Invest in HR technology, particularly mobile which works in real time on employee’s mobile devices such as; tools which enable your workforce to submit leave requests, automated roster scheduling, time & attendance, manage expense reports, KPI measurements, plus many others.

Millennials at work Reshaping the workplace Millennials at work Reshaping the workplace



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