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Leave management system

Easily approve, decline and manage employee leave requests.

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Simplify leave management processes

Managing staff leave shouldn’t have to be complicated. With Roubler’s built-in leave management feature, you never have to worry about keeping track of your team’s leave and availability.

Roubler lets you manage your entire team’s leave in the one place. Any changes will automatically update leave balances and sync with payroll. Simplify your HR tasks and get back to doing what matters most for your team.

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Let your team manage their own availability

Roubler’s mobile app includes an easy-to-use leave management feature, making it easier for your team to take control of their availability, and easier for you to manage the outcomes.

This intelligent, automated digital leave management system means you never have to receive or file another paper leave request form again.

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Digitise your team’s availability and say goodbye to paperwork

Leave management just got easier thanks to Roubler. Simple yet sophisticated, this feature enables you to do away with manual processes and cut back admin, so you can focus on managing your team.

Our all-in-one workforce management system means everything you and your team do is stored and accessed online, saving time and money as well as unnecessary paper waste.

Intuitive, paperless leave management

  • View and manage your entire team’s leave from one place.
  • Intuitively sync leave data with payroll.
  • Automatically update existing and upcoming rosters.
  • Let your team submit and keep track of their leave from the employee self service app.
  • Define exactly who can approve and decline leave requests.
  • Go paperless with digital leave and availability management.

Leave management features

Employee-driven digital leave management

Say goodbye to cumbersome paper forms and email trails, and move to an easier way to manage leave. With Roubler, employees can submit leave requests online via the app or web portal. Managers simply approve or decline with one click, and employees are notified automatically.

  • Quickly and easily see which leave requests don’t have the required accrued leave balances.
  • Automatically notify employees with the simple approval process.
  • View submitted leave directly from the employee’s profile.
  • Sync approved leave details directly with payroll.

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Online leave approval system

Approving leave with Roubler is a simple and effortless task. Managers can view pending, approved and declined leave requests directly from the Roubler dashboard, and quickly and efficiently manage them.

  • Effortlessly manage leave requests in one easy-to-use system.
  • Sort and filter multiple employee leave records.
  • Set up approval process easily.
  • View any attached documentation to support the leave request.

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All-in-one leave management and rostering software

Roubler’s one-system design removes the need to cross-check information between rosters and leave calendars. Our rostering tool is synced with the leave management feature to provide you with up-to-date information about an employee’s leave status when you build your roster.

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