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trends in people analytics

Trends in People Analytics

People analytics is the new rage in HR departments. In some workplaces a new function is being born as management look to drive better returns on their biggest investment, employees.

Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) 2015 ‘Trends in People Analytics ‘ report identified four common trends in people analytics

  1. Companies are building people analytics functions in order to produce insights from data gathered across employment lifecycle,
  2. There is a growing dissatisfaction with current approaches to data governance,
  3. Organisations are increasingly investing in analytics technologies, building targets and asking “How do we compare?”,
  4. Then, taking predictions to the next level by asking “What do we do with these results?”, for example managing flight risk.

Keeping up with trends in people analytics can be challenging because it is rapidly advancing. Want to know more then check out Roubler’s recent piece “How technology has changed Human Resources in the Workplace?

trends in people analytics

Trends in People Analytics


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