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The power of one platform. Real-time Business Intelligence and HR analytics.

Roubler’s in-built analytics dashboards and reports provide you with a range of business metrics to help you make faster and better-informed management decisions in real time. Roubler uses data from across its features and tools to bring together analytics that work for you and your organisation.

You can even use historical trends to understand optimal employee numbers for a particular shift and adjust the use of overtime before it affects your budget.

Live data for more informed business decisions.

  • View budgeted, scheduled and actual data for labour costs and employee hours.
  • Instant payroll, rostering, T&A and employee details reports to help you make smart decisions about workforce needs and scheduling.
  • All-in-one system design gives you greater visibility across your workforce without the need to switch applications or compile reports from multiple systems.
  • Intuitively and intelligently produce real-time performance dashboards.
  • Live data available on mobile, tablet and desktop, anytime, anywhere

All-in-one features.

Business intelligence dashboard

Our business intelligence dashboard allows you to view statistics for the current week or month, next week, or look back on historical data for the previous week and month. Because Roubler allows you to manage multiple sites from one account, you can switch between locations from within the business intelligence dashboard in one click.

  • View budgeted, scheduled and actual hours
  • View budgeted, scheduled and actual labour costs
  • View sales data – forecast versus actual sales (if integrated with your POS)
  • View labour efficiency ratings both scheduled and actual

Instant visibility of roster costs

Keeping your roster within budget has never been easier. Our intelligent system shows you exactly how much you are spending on each shift each day and can be viewed by employee, by location or by position.
For greater clarity, you can enter in your forecast revenue for that shift and Roubler gives you instant labour efficiency statistics.

Easy-to-use workforce management reports

Keeping abreast of employee activity is simple. Roubler offers many pre-built reports employee data that can be accessed in just a few clicks.

  • Employee Audit Report (for changes made to employee records)
  • Employee Details Report (create a custom report by selecting from a variety of fields)
  • Employee Payment History Report
  • Expired Documents (e.g. qualifications, licences and visas)
  • Shift Requests Made
  • Minimum Hours Rest Report (to ensure break rules are complied with)
  • Shift Patterns Changes for Employees

Payroll reports in one click

Payroll reporting is a critical part of your payroll function so Roubler offers a comprehensive reporting suite, including reports such as:

  • Pay Category Costing
  • Gross to Net
  • Leave Balances
  • Pay Run Audit
  • Payroll Tax
  • PAYG Withholding
  • Super Contributions
  • Timesheets (showing actual times from the kiosk and costs)
  • Detailed Activity Report (by location per employee)
  • Pay Run Variance
  • Leave Liability
  • Pay Categories
  • Single Touch Payroll

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