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Built-in time clock software

Roubler’s built-in time clock records employees’ time and attendance data instantly. Our real-time online employee time and attendance software prevents time theft, encourages your team to be punctual, and significantly reduces the costs associated with unworked hours and time theft.

  • Enable a completely secure mobile clock in/out process via a tablet installed on your premises
  • Instantly synchronise time clock data with payroll via our fully automated system
  • Access audit trails of all time clock events including shift commencement, completion and break times.

Biometric facial verification

Roubler’s biometric facial verification technology provides a secure and reliable way to capture accurate clock in and clock out data and prevent time theft. Available in the timesheet app, it helps ensure the correct team member is clocking in and prevents buddy punching. Guarantee accurate clock in and clock out data with facial verification.

Real-time attendance dashboard

Roubler’s employee time tracking software provides real-time data on which employees are currently working, who has clocked in or out, and who is on a break. Managers can monitor employee time and attendance information directly from their desktop or mobile app via an interactive dashboard.

Modern Award interpretation software

Roubler automatically manages modern award interpretation calculations across any combination of pay rates, incorporating overtime, higher duties, split shifts, leave entitlements, superannuation and other industry-specific provisions. With Roubler’s employee time tracking app, you don’t have to worry about staying on top of the latest legislative changes, as the latest updates issued by Fair Work are incorporated into time and attendance and payroll at no extra charge.

Reduced overtime costs

Roubler’s real-time clock-in and clock-out functionality puts an end to unnecessary overtime costs as you’re only paying for actual time worked – down to the minute. Roubler’s software for time and attendance provides full visibility over rostered versus actual hours worked, so your business is never again out of pocket because of unworked hours.

Timesheet auto-approvals

Manually amending digital timesheets to ensure hours worked are rounded up or down correctly can be time consuming, not to mention frustrating. Roubler’s auto-approval function lets you predefine rounding rules and grace periods and automatically applies them to timesheets. This reduces the administrative burden, as managers only need to check exceptions to the rules, while other timesheets are automatically approved for payroll.

Automatic T&A synchronisation with payroll

Time clock data is synchronised with Roubler’s payroll system, so you’ll never need to manually import attendance data into payroll again. Our seamless software and single source of truth ensures all data is synchronised instantly across your entire workforce management system, from rostering to time and attendance and payroll.

Does Roubler’s time and attendance system support multiple employee shifts?

Roubler’s time and attendance system supports multiple employee shifts. You can rest assured all employee time and attendance data will be recorded accurately.

How can I introduce a time and attendance system to my staff? 

Introducing new systems in the workplace can be daunting but Roubler’s time and attendance software is user-friendly and intuitive. With support from our team, your employees will gain the expertise they need to use Roubler with ease.

Is Roubler’s time and attendance software scalable?

Roubler’s time and attendance software allows you to scale up or down with ease and make decisions based on demand. This means you can get the most of your team when you need them.

Can I hide rosters from specific staff? 

Roubler’s rostering software allows managers to edit employees’ visibility over full rosters.

What reports does it support?

Roubler supports the following time and attendance reports:

  • Clocking history
  • Lateness reports
  • Clock in question details
  • Clock in question follow ups.
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