How our all-in-one workforce software works

Manage the entire employee lifecycle with one platform, and eliminate integrations across multiple systems, with Roubler’s seamless workforce and payroll software.

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Roubler’s recruitment software includes multi-job posting capability, streamlining your candidate applications and automating your screening process to automatically create shortlists for hiring managers.

Once you’ve hired a candidate, their data automatically flows through to their employee profile in Roubler so they can onboard themselves and be ready to start work in minutes. All without any data entry or syncing data!

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Employee onboarding

Roubler provides a fully customised, paperless induction and onboarding process that allows new team members to hit the ground running, minus the paperwork.

Thanks to our all-in-one system, all data flows seamlessly to rostering, time and attendance, payroll and beyond.

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Create rosters quickly and easily with our one-click smart roster feature, or our easy-to-use drag-and-drop rostering tool.

Our built-in live costing tool allows managers to see exactly how much each employee or shift costs, and calculates your labour costs.

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Time & attendance

Record accurate staff attendance data with Roubler’s time clock on tablet or within the employee self service mobile app.

Roubler calculates employees’ pay using built-in compliance checks and measures. Managers simply review and approve employee timesheets, individually or in bulk, ready for payroll processing.

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Leave management

Employees can submit leave requests using their mobile or desktop app for their managers to approve.

Roubler’s rostering tool recognises staff availability for simple and easy scheduling without the need for a separate system or paper leave forms. All leave balances and payroll information are automatically updated.

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Expense management

Let your team submit expense claims from the convenience of their mobile device or desktop. They can scan and upload receipts, and their claim will be automatically sent to their manager for approval before being forwarded on to payroll for processing.

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Payroll software

Once timesheets have been approved, time and attendance data is automatically synchronised with payroll. The payroll engine also provides you with dozens of ready-to-run reports along with a sophisticated and easy-to-use report builder, making reporting and compliance that much easier.

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Employee self service

With Roubler’s employee self service app, your team has access to their work life anywhere, anytime. They can view their roster, swap shifts, request leave, claim expenses and update their personal details. Any changes are automatically and instantly updated across all workforce tools and payroll.

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Document library

Our easy-to-use document library gives you an easy way to store all HR and employee documentation in one place. You’ll have no more challenges around checking multiple systems for documents, as Roubler’s all-in-one system stores everything in one convenient place.

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Powered by GO1, our e-learning feature lets you create your own training courses or select from thousands of ready-to-deliver courses to create custom learning pathways and certification courses relevant to your business. Employees can then complete the required training on any internet-enabled device.

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Gain peace of mind with built-in award interpretation and compliance checks and measures throughout rostering, time and attendance, and payroll – helping reduce risk.

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Business intelligence

Roubler’s analytics tools help you keep your finger on the pulse of your workforce, giving you real-time visibility over key statistics including no shows, leave, attendance and breaks, as well as live feeds from your point of sale system.

This powerful feature shows you employee costs, hours forecast vs actual hours and labour efficiency information at a glance.

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Outsourced payroll

Our highly experienced Australian payroll team will take the pressure off your business without compromising on efficiency and accuracy.

Tailored to suit your specific business needs, our outsourced payroll solution gives you peace of mind, knowing your payroll will be processed on time.

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