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Post your job

Automatically post your job vacancy to multiple job boards and your own careers page with one click from the roubler platform.

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Automatically Shortlist

Roubler automatically assesses the job seeker applications in real time and provides you with a live dashboard of applicants, ready for you to approve, interview or decline.

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Customised Employee Onboarding

Eliminate data entry forever! Completely customise your employee onboarding and induction programs so that they enter your workplace fully prepared and job-ready. All online and paperless. Reduce risk and compliance.

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Employee Schedules

Fully Costed Employee Schedules. Create and publish schedules in minutes. Staff are instantly notified by SMS, email and push notifications with just one click.

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Time Clock & Timesheets

Capture the start and end of shifts through Roubler's iPad time clock, mobile app or web app. Management can intuitively and seamlessly review and approve employee timesheets ready for payroll. Use Roubler's geolocation technology or face detection to stop time theft.

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Manage performance

Roubler BI provides live real time management dashboards displaying critical performance data around employee productivity.

Roubler's API has full integration with your POS or production system, allowing for real time decisions on, for example, staffing levels v revenue. Also displaying key HR performance data on absenteeism, late clock in, staff turnover, current applications, safety and much more. All customisable and available on your desktop, tablet or mobile device.

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Fully Managed Outsourced Payroll

No more exporting time and attendance data. T&A data is automatically and instantly synched through the award interpreter. Payroll is calculated and submitted with your approval. Roubler provides you with a completed payroll ready to transfer the employee wages. Simple!

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