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These five tools will help you create the most efficient rotas

Effective rotas are so much more than just a schedule for employees to follow. An efficient rota keeps operations running seamlessly, helps meet fluctuating demand, and keeps labour costs well under control.

Creating a rota can be an incredibly time-consuming task for managers, particularly when taking into account factors such as sales forecasts, the predicted number of customers, and the need to strike the right balance between minimising wage costs, while ensuring adequate staffing levels to meet demand.

Roubler’s sophisticated scheduling system provides managers with powerful tools to build rotas while reducing compliance-related risks and helping eliminate budget blow-outs.

Here are five quick and easy scheduling tools in Roubler that you might not know about.

1. Rota in line with forecast sales

What if you could automatically rota the right number of people on, in line with your hourly sales forecast? By synchronising data from your point of sale system, then using our latest demand-based scheduling feature, Roubler’s seamless scheduling feature allows you to do just this. In a few simple steps, you can create data-driven rotas that ensure minimum staffing requirements are always met, while optimising labour costs and minimising admin time.

2. Automatically create rotas for events

When it comes to events, there’s no point wasting time manually building a rota if you already have an idea of attendance rates. Instead, why not take advantage of Roubler’s demand-based scheduling to automatically create the required number of shifts and ensure optimal staffing levels? This feature will populate a template with blank shifts, then assign employees at the click of a button via the smart rota feature.

3. Base rotas on employees’ standard hours

When it comes to scheduling staff who work a set of standard hours each pay cycle, you need a solution that allows managers to create and publish a schedule within just a few clicks. Roubler allows you to predefine standard working hours for each employee, then auto-populate a rota accordingly, saving time and making the scheduling process more efficient.

4. Create reusable templates

Creating every single shift and assigning them to every single employee, week after week, is laborious and inefficient. With Roubler’s scheduling feature, you can create and use templates that can be re-used time and time again. You could create a template for a seven-day weekly basis – using this as the standard building block for your rotas in the future. Existing rotas can even be saved as a template, making the entire process fast and efficient.

5. Add best-fit employees

If you’ve ever created a rota from scratch, you understand how challenging it is to stay on top of all the elements that make up an efficient rota – employee availability, hour-by-hour demand, wage costs, employee positions and employment types – to name a few.

Shift scheduling is made easy with Roubler’s smart rota feature analysing data inputs, taking into account built-in rulesets to generate a comprehensive forecast of exactly who needs to be scheduled on, and when.

If you are an existing customer and would like to know more about our latest demand scheduling feature, please contact your account manager if you would like additional training. If you are not currently a Roubler customer and would like to find out more, then please contact our team today!

Samantha Hill
Samantha Hill
Samantha Hill is a Marketing Content Creator with a passion for making a positive impact online. Over the past five years, Samantha has worked with an array of different companies to deliver content that communicates what their business means to their audience. Since joining Roubler in 2020, Samantha’s focus is on creating engaging content that informs business leaders of the latest skills, strategies, and techniques to help get the best out of their teams.
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