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New IR35 rules are leaving many businesses confused as to what the upcoming changes involve, and how it could affect them.

06 Apr 2021 / Samantha Hill
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Meet Jocelyn, our Implementations Specialist based in Singapore, who will help get you set up with Roubler and ensure you are equipped to manage your workforce more efficiently with your new software system.

28 May 2020 / Nadia Nyaz
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With COVID-19 causing shifts in business priorities, it’s possible to miss some key changes happening this month. Here are four highlights affecting payroll you should know about.

20 Apr 2020 / Andrew Northcott
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Best friends, really? This may sound ridiculously cheesy for an analogy for rostering and payroll software but bear …

13 Sep 2019 / Andrew Northcott
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A PwC report predicts that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will eradicate between 20 and 40% of current jobs(1).  And …

05 Sep 2019 / Andrew Northcott
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Effective rostering allows a Manager to respond to the unpredictable nature of customer demand and impacts profitability more …

03 Sep 2019 / Andrew Northcott
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