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HR analytics and business intelligence software

Gain new clarity with real-time analytics across every aspect of your workforce.

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Create efficiencies with labour forecasting

Improve the efficiency of your entire workforce with this powerful business intelligence tool. Roubler’s labour forecasting gives you the visibility you need to drive constant improvement and allows managers to operate within the budget they have been allocated.

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Improve decision making with POS data

Improve labour efficiencies in real time with sales data that synchronises directly from any cloud-based POS system. This provides complete clarity over predicted staffing costs against sales results, so that managers can adjust the rota accordingly.

Access meaningful workforce analytics

Roubler helps you understand the complete picture across the entire employee lifecycle. By bringing together all aspects of workforce management in one seamless system, you will gain actionable insights, enabling robust and informed decision making.

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Eliminate data integrity risks

With no need for manual data entry or messy integrations, Roubler eliminates the risks associated with poor information integrity. Having one source of truth for all workforce-related information provides crucial clarity and ensures data is error-free.

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View comprehensive reporting

Roubler provides HR, payroll and managers with easy access to the workforce-related information they need – from visibility over staffing
costs, to accurate time and attendance data, to essential payroll
and audit reporting.

Gain additional insights with cost centres

Use Roubler’s cost centre functionality to gain a better understanding of labour costs across locations, projects, events and campaigns. This helps maximise efficiencies and enables robust decision making.

Roubler’s labour costing feature is a huge benefit. Being able to see forecast spend for a specific event, and then review actual spend afterwards, allows us to make more efficient staffing decisions.


Key HR analytics functionality

  • Labour forecasting and costing
  • Sales vs staffing cost comparison
  • Intuitive business intelligence dashboard
  • Cost centres for project costings
  • Comprehensive HR data analytics
  • Key payroll and attendance reports.

Key workforce analytics benefits

  • Create labour efficiencies
  • Gain unique insights and intelligence
  • Understand the complete picture
  • Facilitate robust decision making
  • Ensure oversight of entire employee lifecycle
  • Create data clarity with one source of truth.

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More business intelligence software features

Labour forecasting

Empowering managers to keep their rota within budget has never been easier. Our intelligent labour software forecasting system shows you exactly how much you are spending on each shift, each day, and can be viewed by employee, location or position. For greater clarity simply enter forecast revenue and Roubler will provide instant labour efficiency statistics. You can overlay sales data from your POS, and view:

  • Budgeted, scheduled and actual hours
  • Budgeted, scheduled and actual labour costs
  • Forecast versus actual sales
  • Labour efficiency ratings.

Workforce analytics insights

Roubler’s business intelligence dashboard gives you a full view of your past, current and future workforce analytics. You can toggle between multiple business locations and view in-depth data to gauge business efficiency, as determined by calculating the percentage of costs to sales.

Cost centres

Roubler’s cost centre feature allows you to group together different functions of your business, so that you can monitor and make decisions around the budgeting for each of those groups. This enables you to quickly understand associated costs and create labour efficiencies for any department, location, project, campaign or event.

HR and people analytics software

Roubler comes complete with a range of built-in reports, providing payroll and HR data analytics including:

  • Time and attendance
  • Payroll
  • Labour forecasting
  • Pay run audits
  • Deductions
  • Leave balances
  • Timesheets
  • Employee audits
  • Unpaid employees
  • Expired documents
  • And many more.


How do I know my business/workforce data is secure?

Roubler adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the highest standards of data protection compliance in the world meaning you can trust in the integrity of your data with Roubler.

How do I implement business intelligence software?

Roubler’s expert team will guide you every step of the way through the implementations process.

What are the benefits of using business intelligence/HR analytics software?

With Roubler’s business intelligence software, you can:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Make fast, data-driven decisions
  • Gain trusted data
  • Have full visibility over labour costings vs sales
  • Understand your costs on an hour-by-hour basis.
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