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Hospitality workforce
management software

Roubler provides UK hospitality businesses with one seamless system for all their workforce management needs.

Gain data clarity, drive productivity, help ensure compliance and create efficiencies workforce-wide with Roubler.

hospitality workforce management software

Managing the hospitality workforce

Recent global events have hit UK‘s fast-paced hospitality industry hard. These times of uncertainty are making it more difficult than ever for restaurants, cafes and bars to reduce costs and maintain the high standard of service they are known for.

That’s why it’s so important to implement best-practice workforce management to streamline processes and refine labour costs.

Simplify hospitality HMRC compliance

Roubler’s all-in-one solution includes built-in compliance checks and measures across scheduling, time and attendance and payroll. Managers, HR and payroll teams gain peace of mind with HMRC compliance.

hospitality business intelligence

Predict labour costs and
budget for demand

It’s imperative that hospitality managers have the right business
intelligence software
to provide them complete visibility over how
budgets and labour costs.

Roubler gives complete clarity over forecasted demand, staffing costs vs sales and efficiency – allowing managers to schedule based on actionable insights and analytics.

hospitality workforce management software

Streamline staff induction and training

Help new team members hit the ground running with Roubler’s seamless and automated onboarding and induction software.

With paperless onboarding, HR can collect essential details while data flows seamlessly through to scheduling, time and attendance, payroll and beyond.

Create AI-driven rotas
for hospitality staff

Roubler’s smart rota feature uses AI technology to schedule team member’s based on preferred shifts, availability and seniority, maximising productivity and helping managers keep wage costs to a minimum.

Build rotas based on hospitality staff RSA, catering or barista certifications to ensure you always have the right people on at the right time.

Trusted by businesses worldwide

Johnny Rockets success story

Discover how Roubler helped Ben and the team from Johnny Rockets create efficiencies across the entire business, helping them prepare for future growth.

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“Roubler is saving our managers an hour a day. If we break that down over the course of the year, it’s saving us thousands of dollars just on labour.”


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More about seamless hospitality workforce management software

Hospitality workforce software

For all the workforce management challenges hospitality businesses face, there is a single solution that brings together everything you need to manage your entire workforce from one single system.

Roubler’s unique all-in-one hospitality HR and payroll system simplifies your day-to-day, increasing efficiency, helping ensure compliance based on hospitality rates in UK, and driving employee productivity.

Business intelligence software you can connect to your POS system

Roubler’s hospitality business intelligence software connects directly to your POS system to provide you with insightful wage cost vs sales analytics. This means you can make informed decisions based on budgets and demand.

UK hospitality HR and payroll software

Managing your hospitality staff is seamless with Roubler’s HR and payroll software. You can onboard, rota, manage and pay staff all from one single source of truth with an all-in-one workforce management solution built with HR and payroll teams in mind.

Employee self service for hospitality workers

Whether your hospitality staff are prepping food, making coffee or serving drinks, Roubler’s employee self service app allows them to stay connected 24/7. It enables them to check their rota, swap shifts, manage expenses and request leave, all from the palm of their hand. It’s truly the employee app for hospitality workers.

Hospitality time and attendance software

Roubler’s hospitality time and attendance software allows you to capture accurate clock in and clock out data on either the mobile app or clocking device and send approved timesheets straight to payroll for processing, making manual data entry a thing of the past.

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