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Streamlined time & attendance software.

Time and attendance management has never been easier. Roubler’s cloud-based time and attendance software offers complete visibility and automatic calculation of overtime and complex payroll rules such as higher duties or split shifts, leave entitlements and many others.

Roubler’s all-in-one workforce management, time and attendance and payroll software means no exporting or slow API integrations: timesheets are approved with one click and are automatically sent to payroll for processing.

Our live attendance data and labour cost tracking allows you to proactively manage overtime and penalty rates and reduce them by up to 26% in just one month!

A smarter approach to time and attendance.

  • Roubler’s T&A and payroll system works from a single source of truth to automate payroll processing without the need for data entry.
  • Live and real-time attendance feed: clock-ins, clock-outs, breaks, no-shows.
  • Track live labour costs with rostered versus actual time comparisons to help you proactively manage overtime.
  • Time and attendance kiosk data populates timesheets automatically.
  • Rounding rules and grace periods streamline the approval process.
  • Set multiple approval steps for improved time and attendance quality control.

All-in-one features.

Inbuilt time clock

Roubler’s inbuilt time clock records employee’s time and attendance data instantly via an onsite kiosk app. Our real-time online employee time and attendance software stops time theft, encourages punctuality and significantly reduces costs associated with unworked hours.

  • Secure, mobile clock in/out process on a tablet installed on your premises.
  • Fully automated system synchronises the time clock with payroll.
  • Access shift audit trails of all time clock events including shift commencement, multiple breaks and shift completion.

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Real-time attendance dashboard

Roubler’s time clock provides real time data on which employees are currently on shift, who has clocked in or out, and who is on break.

Managers can monitor employee time and attendance information directly from their desktop or mobile app via an at-a-glance style dashboard.

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Reduced overtime costs

Roubler’s real-time sign-in/sign-out functionality puts an end to unnecessary overtime costs as you’re only paying for actual time worked – down to the minute.

One client was able to reduce their reliance on overtime by 26.9% in just one month!

  • Time and attendance software offers visibility of planned versus actual hours.
  • Instantly alerts managers if a shift continues outside the rostered hours.
  • Never pay for un-worked hours.

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Timesheet auto-approval with rounding rules & grace periods

We understand that it’s frustrating and time-consuming having to manually amend online timesheets to ensure worked times are rounded up or down correctly and that grace periods are adhered to.

  • The auto-approval function allows you pre-set rounding rules and grace periods to be automatically applied to timesheets.
  • Only manage exceptions to the rules, not all of your time and attendance data.
  • Set rules to round clock in, clock out and roll break times forward or backward.
  • Set grace periods for arrivals and departures.
  • Automatically approve timesheets without manual intervention.

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Automatic T&A synchronisation with payroll

Information sourced from time and attendance is seamlessly transferred to Roubler’s payroll, so you’ll never need to manually enter information or use a slow API again.

  • Roubler’s single source of truth – a single codebase – synchronises data instantly across all tasks from rostering to time and attendance and payroll.
  • The Employee Self Service system instantly updates the payroll software when employees change their bank or tax details or have leave approved.
  • Never waste time or risk errors with paper timesheets and manual data entry.
  • Only pay for the hours recorded by the time clock.
  • Easily access payroll reports.

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Biometric facial recognition time clock

Roubler’s biometric facial recognition technology is being developed to provide you with a secure and reliable way to capture time and attendance data. The technology will be available on our time and attendance kiosks on tablet or mobile devices.

  • No need for logins or PINs that can be forgotten or given to other employees.
  • Eliminates the cost of issuing and replacing swipe cards.
  • Eliminates time theft, false logins and buddy punching.

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Discover the benefits of Roubler’s Time & Attendance software

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