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Employee self service (ESS) and payroll software app

Provide an exceptional employee experience and empower your team with mobile access.

Empower your team with mobile ESS

Put the power in your team’s hands with Roubler’s employee self service (ESS) payroll system. With Roubler, employees can manage their work life anytime, anywhere, via mobile app or desktop.

Employee self service mobile app
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employee self service app

Increase engagement and communicate with ease

Roubler’s powerful ESS feature lets you communicate with ease, ensuring employees never miss a newly scheduled shift, company update, or updated policy or procedure. Engaging with your team has never been easier.

Leave management on mobile app

Manage your team more efficiently on mobile

With Roubler’s mobile app, managers can check their team’s timesheets, leave requests and expense claims any time, anywhere. This feature makes it easy to approve or decline on the go – it’s as simple as swipe left, swipe right.

ess payroll

Protect your team with hygienic clocking

Designed with cleanliness in mind, the optional mobile time clock feature gives your team a safe and hygienic way to clock in and out of their shift directly from their mobile phone. This ensures there is no need for everyone to touch the same kiosk or device.

Help ensure health and wellbeing

Ask your team to answer customisable questions when they clock in for their shift. Created for Covid-related health checks, this feature will help you identify whether your employees have been in contact with anyone who’s sick. It can also be used for general communications and questionnaires.

employee app self service

Provide staff benefits via the mobile ESS system

Provide your team with access to their staff benefits directly from the mobile app. You can link through to your business’s existing benefits program, or choose from Roubler’s constantly-expanding list of benefits.

Allow flexibility with shift bidding

Roubler’s shift bidding feature allows employees to bid on available shifts via the employee self service app. They can accept or decline to work at certain times, granting them more flexibility over their schedules.

“Roubler is awesome. I can see my shifts, book leave, update any personal information, and access company documents straight from the mobile app.”


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Key ESS functionality

  • Employee profile updates
  • Full rota visibility
  • Availability and leave requests
  • ESS payslip access
  • Document library
  • Fast expense claims
  • Employee benefits
  • Hygienic mobile clock in (optional)
  • Employee health checks
  • Shift bidding feature
  • Management features.

Key ESS system benefits

  • Empower employees with mobile access
  • Increase engagement and productivity
  • Provide an intuitive user experience
  • Reduce the need for manual data entry
  • Do away with paperwork
  • Benefit from regular automatic updates
  • Support a fluctuating workforce
  • Encourage flexibility with the option to choose shifts
  • Provide complete functionality in one app.

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More employee self service (ESS) features

All-in-one ESS payroll software

Employee self service forms a seamless part of Roubler’s all-in-one software, which includes everything you need to recruit, onboard, schedule, manage and pay your team. Staff and managers can access the ESS payroll portal from desktop or mobile, with intuitive features that work cohesively with the entire Roubler system.

Complete employee self service

Roubler’s employee self service feature includes everything your staff need to manage their work life. With everything from rotas, to essential documents, to expense claims, our desktop and mobile ESS system is the perfect way to empower your team and keep them engaged.

View rotas and swap shifts

The employee self service app gives your team access to their rota at any time from their smartphone or desktop, eliminating the need for printed rotas, external messaging apps or emails. If you choose, employees can even swap shifts with their colleagues, and any changes will automatically appear in the rota.

Manage staff availability

The employee self service feature simplifies the process of communicating staff availability without all the back-and-forth. Employees simply enter the times they are not available directly into the ESS system, and this information is passed automatically into the scheduling tool, ensuring managers cannot inadvertently rota staff on if they are not available to work.

ESS leave management

With Roubler’s ESS leave management functionality, employees can request leave at the click of a button, which managers can then quickly approve or decline, simplifying and speeding up the entire process. Staff will receive an instant notification as soon as their manager has actioned their request. Employees can also view their leave balances and requests at any time.

Submit expense claims

Employees can easily submit expense claims via Roubler’s ESS system by taking a photograph of their receipt and submitting it via the mobile app or desktop. They can log in to view pending, approved and declined requests no matter where they are. Managers can also approve or decline their team’s expense claims on the go.

Access ESS payslips

Roubler’s employee self service feature eliminates the need for paper payslips and frees up your payroll team’s time by reducing the volume of queries they are required to answer with each pay run. Staff can easily access ESS payslips, and can also view, download and email their payment summaries directly from the online portal or mobile app.

View important documents

The document library feature makes it easy to share key information with your entire team, or with select groups, so they have access to the HR policies, handbooks and information they need directly through the cloud portal or mobile app.


Where is the ESS information stored?

Roubler ESS information is hosted and managed within Amazon Web Services (AWS), the most secure cloud computing environment available. This means you can have peace of mind knowing data is safe and secure on the cloud.

Does it support iOS and Android?

Roubler’s ESS app supports both iOS and Android devices.

Can my employees update their own information?

Employees can update their own personal, availability and payroll information through Roubler’s ESS app.

Can my employees access this from a browser or just the app?

Employees can access the Roubler platform through the desktop browser but can only access the ESS app through their mobile devices.

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