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All your workforce management tasks on one platform

UK’s leading cloud-based workforce management and payroll software, with everything you need to onboard, roster, manage and pay staff in one seamless system.

Discover for yourself how Roubler will simplify processes, increase efficiency and drive employee productivity in your business.

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One seamless system

Designed for shift-based teams, Roubler provides one seamless system for the entire employee lifecycle. This enables you to:

  • Create efficiencies with seamless processes and workflows
  • Access meaningful real-time insights to drive productivity
  • Gain peace of mind and reduce risk with built-in compliance
  • Eliminate the need for multiple systems and messy integrations
  • Drive lasting change with the latest AI and machine learning.
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Complete workforce visibility

Roubler gives you access to real-time data clarity and actionable analytics across every aspect of your workforce. By bringing together every aspect of workforce management in one seamless system, you will gain unique performance insights, enabling you to make informed decisions.

True productivity gains

At Roubler we believe managing your workforce should be effortless. Our workforce management software provides one seamless system for the entire employee lifecycle, driving productivity and creating efficiencies for shift-based teams worldwide.

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In-built, up-to-date compliance controls

With Roubler, compliance doesn’t begin with payroll, it is a best practice embedded in every aspect of workforce management. Our all-in-one solution has built-in checks and measures across rostering, time and attendance, and payroll, helping reduce the risk of non-compliance.

  • Payroll is automatically calculated using up to date Modern Awards and pre-set pay condition rules.
  • Compliance notifications and ‘hold’ points help managers avoid compliance errors when rostering staff, approving timesheets and running payroll.

Roubler + Nottingham Ice Centre

Discover how Nottingham Ice Centre has cut payroll admin and benefited from accurate labour efficiency data, with Roubler’s all-in-one workforce management system.

Johnny Rockets manager

Being able to see costings for an event is incredibly powerful. We can now track forecast versus actual spend, giving us full visibility when planning events.”


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