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Leave and absence management system

Approve, decline and manage employee leave and gain total visibility.

roubler app employee leave

Empower staff with easy-to-use leave management

Roubler’s convenient leave management system is easy for staff to use. Available via the mobile app and on desktop, it lets employees apply for leave and update their availability no matter where they are.

employee leave management app

Provide managers with access on the go

With Roubler, managers can access their team’s leave requests on the go. With management functionality built into the mobile app, managers can easily approve or decline requests with a simple swipe left, swipe right.

leave management software

Gain total visibility over employee leave

Roubler provides total visibility over staff availability across the entire system. Approved leave is automatically reflected in the rota, leave balances and payroll – with no need to cross-check or re-enter into
separate systems.

roubler app employee leave

Speed up the scheduling process

With leave management and scheduling all part of one seamless system, the scheduling process is streamlined. When building a rota, managers will be alerted if they assign a shift to an employee who will be away on leave.

“The biggest thing is how much time Roubler has freed up for me. Staff can … set their own availability, which allows me to get out there and manage the business.”


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Key leave management system functionality

  • Leave management on mobile and desktop
  • Visibility over leave requests vs available balances
  • Mobile functionality for managers and employees
  • Automated notifications on leave approval
  • Alerts when scheduling staff who are on leave
  • One source of truth across leave and payroll.

Key employee leave management system benefits

  • Empower employees with an easy-to-use system
  • View the entire team’s leave in one place
  • Do away with paperwork and manual processes
  • Reduce the administrative burden business-wide
  • Keep track of employee absenteeism
  • Go paperless with leave management software.

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More employee leave management features

Automatic availability alerts

Roubler’s all-in-one system removes the need to cross-check rotas against leave calendars. When building rotas, managers will be automatically alerted if they attempt to create a shift for an employee who is unavailable.

Built-in leave entitlements

Roubler automatically determines employee leave entitlements based on the relevant built-in legislation checks and measures. This helps ensure compliance by providing staff with the correct leave entitlements. Built-in rules ensure team members cannot be accidentally scheduled on outside of the predefined entitlements and will alert managers to conflicts.

Online leave tracking software

Roubler provides an easier way to keep track of availability. Paper forms and email trails will become thing of the past, as employees can submit leave requests online via the leave management app and on desktop. Managers simply approve or decline, and employees are notified automatically.

Online leave approval system

Approving leave is simple and effortless with Roubler. Managers can view pending, approved and declined leave requests via the leave management feature on desktop or mobile leave management app, or against an employee’s profile. From there, it’s easy for them to quickly and efficiently manage these requests.

Payroll leave management system

Roubler’s all-in-one system brings together leave management and payroll with one source of truth, so there is no need for messy integrations between disconnected systems. This ensures leave balances are accurately reflected on payslips, leave is calculated seamlessly, and leave balances are updated automatically.

Absence management software

Roubler includes built-in absence management features, enabling managers to monitor absence-related costs and effectively manage sick leave, holiday leave and absenteeism. Managers can also easily keep track of employees who are late for their shifts via the time and attendance feature, helping reduce time theft.


Can my employees see the Leave Management dashboard?

Employees can manage their own leave. Managers can access and manage employee leave from their Roubler platform or employee app.

Can my employees view their leave balances?

Employees on the Roubler platform can access their leave balances and apply for leave form their desktop or mobile devices.

Can I create custom leave types? 

Roubler’s leave management system allows you to create your own custom leave types.

Does Roubler support Long Service Leave?

Roubler’s leave management software supports long service leave.

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