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TED Talk- Career Success and Happiness
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Our Top TED Talks on Career Success and Happiness

Here are our tops picks of TED experts on how to achieve career success and happiness.

Why We All Need to Practice Emotional First Aid – Guy Winch

While we all know how important it is to take care of our physical health, we don’t take our emotional health nearly as seriously. But why? Why do we seem to value our bodies more than we value our minds? Emotional pain like guilt, loss, failure, and loneliness can impact our lives in dramatic ways — especially if we ignore it or try to deal with it by ourselves. In this TED talk, Psychologist Guy Winch highlights that success and happiness root from caring for our emotional health. He explains the scientifically proven techniques we can use to heal our psychological pain.


TED Talk TED Career Success and Happiness Guy Winch



What Makes Us Feel Good About Our Work?- Dan Ariely

Ever heard of the “IKEA effect”? It’s the psychological behavior in which people tend to place a high premium on projects we labor especially hard to complete. The man who coined that phrase and made it famous, a Duke University psychology and behavioral economics professor named Dan Ariely, talks about how leaders can use that behavior to motivate their teams. In this TED talk, Ariely talks about why it’s so important to value your employees’ efforts, and how small changes in how you give feedback can be crucial for keeping morale high.

TED Talk TED Career Success and Happiness Dan Ariely



The Power of Vulnerability- Brené Brown

Everyone can recall a time when they felt vulnerable. Was it fun? Probably not. Is it a necessary part of growth? Brené Brown thinks so. In this enlightening talk, which is also one of the most famous TED talks ever given, Brown highlights years worth of research by diving deep into not only the reason why vulnerability exists, but also the role it plays in our ability to form connections and achieve a sense of purpose – impacting our success and happiness.

TED Talk TED Career Success and Happiness Brene Brown



The Career Advice You Probably Didn’t Get- Susan Colantuono

Leadership manifests at every level of management — and there are many, many effective leaders in middle management. In fact, a lot of those middle-management leaders are women. But that raises the question: Why are there so many women stuck in the middle — even when they’re doing everything right at work and taking all the right advice? In this TED talk, Susan Colantuono shares a simple and surprising piece of advice. While the talk is aimed primarily at women, there are universal takeaways in here for men, too, as well as for new graduates and mid-career workers.

TED Talk TED Career Success and Happiness Susan Colantuono

How to Make Work-Life Balance Work- Nigel Marsh

Author and marketer Nigel Marsh says work-life balance is too important to leave up to your employer. “If you don’t design your life, someone else will design it for you, and you may just not like their idea of balance,” he says. But being more balanced doesn’t call for a dramatic overhaul of your life — it just means investing in small ways in the right places. Do that, and you can radically transform the quality of your relationships and the quality of your life. You’ll also learn what he thinks an “ideal day” looks like — one balanced between family time, personal time, and productivity. For Marsh, career success and happiness lies in balance.

TED Talk TED Career Success and Happiness Nigel Marsh


Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are- Amy Cuddy

This is probably my favorite talk on the whole list. Cuddy talks about a feedback loop in your brain that helps you fake it until you make it. If you’re not feeling confident in a high-stress, evaluative situation (a job interview or client presentation, for example), Cuddy’s motivational speech has some tips to help you transform from an Average Joe into Superman — all within two minutes of your time.

TED Talk TED Career Success and Happiness Amy Cuddy


How to Succeed? Get More Sleep- Arianna Huffington

In many companies, people get bragging rights for staying up ’til all hours of the night, slaving over projects … but in reality, you could be much more successful if you got the right amount of shut-eye. Not to say that level of dedication isn’t needed at times, but it shouldn’t be the norm for us. In the video below, Huffington gives us some quick advice for being more successful at our jobs and happier with our lives through one small change.

TED Talk TED Career Success and Happiness Adrianna Huffington


The Power of Introverts- Susan Cain

Although extroverts are often revered in our society of social networking and uber-connectivity, being an introvert isn’t a bad thing. In fact, almost half of our society is made of up introverts … so why don’t we value them more? Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, this talk will be eye opening — and maybe will inspire you to work more successfully with your coworkers.

TED Talk TED Career Success and Happiness Susan Cain


The Happy Secret to Better Work- Shawn Achor

It’s the old chicken or the egg conundrum: Does productive work make you happier, or does being happy make you more productive? Historically, our society believes the former … but it doesn’t always work out that way in reality. Achor argues on behalf of the latter — and her take on this conundrum may help you be happier at work.

TED Talk TED Career Success and Happiness Shawn Achor

 5 Ways to Listen Better- Julian Treasure

Whether you’re a marketer, sales representative, PR professional, or web developer, listening is a tremendously important skill for your job. According to Treasure, “We’re losing our listening.” To help get it back, Treasure has five relatively easy exercises you can try, and watch the impact on your success and happiness.

TED Talk TED Career Success and Happiness Julian Treasure



Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe- Simon Sinek

This eye-opening discussion from Simon Sinek explores the importance of establishing a sense of trust in an office environment. Without trust, he urges, you run the risk of wasting time fighting one another, rather than fighting for the greater good of the company. He goes on to stress that leaders must win the respect of their employees by actively challenging, educating, and encouraging them to take risks and own their accomplishments.

TED Talk TED Career Success and Happiness Simon Sinek








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