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Workforce management features

Everything you need to manage your entire workforce in one cost-effective system.

job interview recruitment software


Our easy-to-use recruitment software was designed to meet the needs of in-house HR teams. It includes everything you need to attract and secure the best talent, including job posting, candidate screening, interview scheduling and customised recruitment web pages to make your brand shine.

With Roubler you can create a seamless and on-brand experience for your candidates and your team. Our software lets you automatically publish job ads across multiple job boards, and send branded communications with the click of a button, and create streamlined approval workflows.


Innovative, easy to use and completely automated onboarding provides employees with the ultimate first impression while entirely eliminating paperwork for your team.

Roubler’s seamless system allows you to ensure your employees are brought on board correctly every time, with the data flowing seamlessly throughout our all-in-one workforce management and payroll system.


Roubler’s fully automated smart roster software uses the latest AI techniques to automatically create an efficient roster at the click of a button. It chooses the right staff for each shift based on preset criteria such as qualifications, availability and seniority, reducing the amount of time you spend creating rosters by up to 81%.

The roster includes real-time labour forecasting data, so you can make the best possible decisions about who to schedule on to each shift and keep staffing costs to a minimum. It’s never been easier to optimise your roster and reduce your wage bill with our powerful workforce reporting.

Time and attendance

Our time clock feature lets your team easily clock in and out of their shift from their mobile phone or via kiosk in a common area. You can capture accurate attendance data and have full visibility over exactly who’s working, running late or on a break, and who has forgotten to clock off.

Roubler’s new biometric facial verification technology is a secure and reliable way to eliminate time theft for good. This feature uses advanced artificial intelligence to compare photographs captured by the time clock app with those already stored against an employee’s profile and ensure the correct employee is clocking in and out of their shift.

Employee self service mobile app

Roubler’s employee self service app lets your team stay connected 24/7. It enables them to check their schedule, swap shifts, manage expenses, request leave and more, all from the palm of their hand.

Employee self service helps eliminate the administrative burden of HR and payroll tasks. The feature provides employees with a seamless connection to schedules and payslips in real time, and any changes that are made in the ESS portal are automatically updated across the entire Roubler system, so there is no need for manual data entry.

Leave management

Say goodbye to cumbersome paper forms and email trails, and move to an easier way to manage leave. With Roubler, employees can submit leave requests online via the app or web portal. Managers simply approve or decline with one click, and employees are notified automatically.

Approving leave with Roubler is a simple and effortless task. Managers can view pending, approved and declined leave requests directly from the Roubler dashboard, and quickly and efficiently manage them.

Expense claims

With Roubler there’s no more stacks of receipts and expense claim forms to keep track of – ever. Let your team submit expense claims from the convenience of their mobile device or desktop.

With all the information you need accessible from one location, you can easily keep track of employee expenses in real-time and manage cash flow more accurately.

Cloud payroll

Roubler is the only true end-to-end payroll software supported by a completely integrated workforce management system. Your employees simply clock in and out online, and once their timesheets have been approved, their payroll data will be ready for you to process. Everything flows directly into the payroll system for fast and easy processing – it really is that simple.

With Roubler you can rest assured that you will meet your payroll tax requirements. Our sophisticated software allows you to set parameters in line with government regulations, taking the complexity out of compliance.


Our mobile-friendly e-learning feature will help you unlock your team’s potential by providing them with the very best training which they can access online anytime, anywhere. Choose from thousands of courses created by leading training providers all over the world, or design your own online training programs within our user-friendly learning management system.

Develop and train your new employees before their first shift with our training and content system. This feature lets you prompt staff to complete the necessary training modules as part of the onboarding process, ensuring you won’t inadvertently roster anyone on that does not have the knowledge or certifications they need to do their job.

Document library

Employees work best when they have all the information they need at their fingertips. With one simple feature you can relay important company-wide information fast, and give your team the flexibility to keep track of all their relevant documents and files from the Roubler app or employee portal.

Roubler’s all-in-one cloud-based system lets you store and manage all your important documents in one place. Upload, download, send, receive, organise and sign documents and files faster, and transform into a paperless business.


Business intelligence

Stay in tune with your workforce using a live dashboard that gives you up-to-the-minute interactive reporting on your budgets, timesheets, sales and labour efficiency. Forecast ongoing labour costs, and access insights into what’s working well and where improvements can be made.

With more than 40 built-in reporting templates you can conveniently access data and records for every aspect of your workforce, from employees to rosters, to payroll and more. Simplify your business’ reporting needs and easily run, download, and share report templates.

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