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Payroll information How to’s & key dates and Roubler payroll software frequently asked questions.

Can Roubler automatically incorporate changes to relevant elements of Fair Work Australia Awards effective from the appropriate dates e.g. rate, ages interpretation of hours/public holidays etc.?

Roubler provides communication to all customers prior to award rule changes.

Where does accountability for Award interpretation and dissemination sit?

Roubler will provide compliant award interpretation templates that will be automatically applied to data within Roubler. Roubler takes full accountability for award interpretation within the system and will continually self audit and 3rd party audit the quality of these interpretation templates. Where an employee’s data has been manually manipulated by a 3rd party other than Roubler, Roubler cannot be held accountable for the payroll outcome in that instance.

Roubler offers a fully managed payroll solution as an additional service for each customer. Where Roubler is processing payroll, Roubler will process data according to instruction from the employer. For e.g.; if instruction is to pay according to award rules, Roubler will provide assurance that compliance awards rules will be adhered to

Does Roubler incorporate all relevant elements to determine pay, including, Employee age, Employment Type, Award with relevant conditions, Actual time worked from an approved attendance record?

Roubler’s cloud based software automatically calculates any combination of time rates, overtime, complex shift arrangements such as higher duties or split shifts, leave entitlements, superannuation and other industry specific provisions in line with the employees age, employment type and relevant employment level against the award. These are automatically calculated against approved time and attendance data

Can Supervisor synchronise their bookkeeping data with one or more accounts in a nominated financial institution to ensure accuracy of their records?

Roubler provides a payroll journal for accounting software with most third party accounting systems including Xero, QuickBooks, Saasu and NetSuite. Roubler also provides 25+ journal mapping formats for easy upload to other accounting packages. Ability to synchronise booking data with accounts in a nominated financial institution would be reliant of the accounting software package to complete this synchronisation. Roubler also provides semi-automated reconciliation of transactions and permit the Supervisor to confirm transaction matches.

Is PAYG paid through to PAYG Holding Account until BAS payment made?

Roubler provides the ability to transfer PAYG to a nominated holding account. This transfer is contain with the ABA (banking file)

Does Roubler allow for the supervisor to submit periodic payments to various superannuation schemes specified by the employees from the Super Holding Account?

Roubler allows for periodic payments to various superannuation schemes specified by the employee through our Superannuation Clearing House

Can Roubler store the image of a signed contract?

Roubler’s software provides an employee profile management portal where all employee information, including signed employment agreements and contracts are located. These are able to downloaded and printed as required

Can Roubler distribute an electronic version of an employee contract to the employee and accept electronic acceptance of the contract?

At the completion of an employee onboarding the employee is emailed a copy of employment agreement along with policies and procedures they have electronically signed during the onboarding process. These documents are also stored within the employee profile section on the Roubler platform that are accessible by employer and employee.

Does Roubler provide the ability for employers to include their own approved industrial relations agreement into the onboarding?

Roubler provides a fully customisable and completely paperless onboarding system. Employers and franchisors are able to include any specific policies, procedures or specific documentation required to be electronically signed by new employees when onboarding to the specific business unit or franchise.

Can Roubler generate employment contracts tailored to the employee for the applicable Fair Work Modern Award?

Roubler’s fully customisable onboarding module allows for employment contract signing and document storage. Employment contracts are setup to automatically incorporate unique employee detail including applicable modern award classifications. Roubler currently has 40+ modern awards built into our payroll engine with audits completed annually with Fair Work Australia. Additionally, Roubler’s award interpretations and industrial relations are audited by KPMG.

How does Roubler manage employment legislation changes?

Roubler works with local employment law specialists in each country of operation to ensure that all payroll rules are updated immediately providing peace of mind that all employees are being paid correctly.