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  • Reduce staff turnover by auto-rostering to their shift preferences

    Roubler uses a cutting-edge learning algorithm to auto-fill the roster based on the employees preferred shifts along with the shifts that are conducive to their best performance. This helps improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover without sacrifice on productivity.

  • Increase efficiencies through multi-store rostering

    Roubler enables you to roster for a single store or across multiple stores from one location. Use a mixed roster or allocate staff across multiple locations for increased flexibility and efficiency.

  • Hire ‘best fit’ retail staff

    Hiring the right personality fit is important in the retail sector, especially when you’re trying to maintain a particular culture across a multi-store environment. Roubler helps you hire candidates that truly fit your organisation through a combination of online intelligence and inbuilt machine learning algorithms. Individual candidates are ranked not just on their skills and experience but also on past performance and how well they fit the culture of your workplace. This approach both streamlines the process and ensures you always hire the best possible candidates for your organisation.


In a high-turnover industry such as retail, you frequently need to fill a variety of positions. Recruiting a new casual, manager or part-timer is simple with Roubler. In minutes, generate a careers page and job ad to reflect exactly the kind of employee you need to boost turnover. We’ll then spread the word across several recruitment sites to hunt down your perfect hire.

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Roubler’s machine learning algorithm examines and assesses each job application to your ad. By comparing resumes to your precise role requirements, Roubler will create a shortlist of potential employees who have the skills and experience to excel in your retail business.

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Say goodbye to double handling, tedious data entry and mounds of paper. Roubler scans the resumes of new employees to auto-fill a database and will request any additional information directly from the individual if required. Plus, you can load induction materials into the system, so each employee is ready to sell products and serve customers from day one.

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Roubler makes rostering a breeze. Rosters can be created manually or automatically generated using cost/performance data, employee preferences and information from previous rosters, while last minute vacancies can be auto-filled with your approval. Finalise your roster with a swipe and Roubler will automatically notify staff.

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Time and Attendance

Roubler’s inbuilt time clock instructs employees to sign in and out at their time of their rostered shift. They can do so on their own mobile, or a workplace designated device. Approve T&A for the day in one swipe. Manual data entry is eradicated, reducing the chance of errors. Eliminate time theft and encourage punctuality, reliability, and productivity with Roubler.

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Business Intelligence.

In the retail industry, you’re constantly under pressure to increase turnover whilst decreasing overheads and wages. With Roubler’s business analytics, you have a detailed account of how each staff member is performing. Know your best performers, and identify who may need to be retrained. Ensure your store’s optimal income at all times.

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Fully managed payroll

The retail industry is known for its wide variety of employee ages, contracts, and hours. Small errors in payroll can lead to large backpay, penalties, and a negative image of your store in the media. Roubler will always ensure your payroll is fully correct to keep your employees satisfied and your company’s finances healthy.

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