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The retail industry is one of the most competitive industries with the rise of online shopping and store expansion by international retailers. It’s also one of the sectors most susceptible to economic stability and fluctuating exchange rates. With high employee turnover and smaller candidate pools, it’s becoming more important to source the right hires who are the right fit. That’s where we can help.

Roubler brings all your retail HR and workforce management processes into one fully integrated platform. Replacing your outdated practices with Roubler is the easiest operational change you can make to dramatically improve results through increased efficiency, productivity, savings and profitability.

  • Eliminate HR admin
  • Manage your workforce effectively during transitional phases
  • Reduce staff turnover by auto-rostering to their shift preferences
  • Hire ‘best fit’ retail staff
  • Increase efficiencies through multi-store rostering
  • Communicate with employees instantly
  • Reclaim your time by auto-rostering
  • Easily manage absenteeism
  • Easily manage employee lateness

Your retail workforce solution

Eliminate HR admin

Say goodbye to double handling, tedious data entry and mounds of paper with Roubler, a fully integrated solution that eliminates your administrative workload. Roubler scans the resumes of new employees to auto-fill a database and will request any additional information directly from the individual if required. The employee can enter this information at any time by accessing their self-service profile page through a mobile device

Manage your workforce effectively during transitional phases

Roubler’s “reserves bench” helps you cope with transitional periods by providing a shortlist of candidates that you can ‘favourite’ as a way of expressing interest if you don’t have a vacancy immediately available. Place these candidates on your reserves bench in a single swipe and access them down the track as quickly as possible, allowing you to choose the best available candidates any time you need them. Roubler also offers an option for third-party hire where candidates are screened, checked and inducted via Roubler's Labour Hire & Recruitment Marketplace. 24/7 access to this feature allows you to mobilise third-party hire whenever you need it, further improving the efficiency of your hiring model.

Reduce staff turnover by auto-rostering to their shift preferences

Roubler uses a cutting edge learning algorithm to auto-fill the roster based on the employees preferred shifts along with the shifts that are conducive to their best performance. This helps improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover without sacrifice on productivity.

Hire ‘best fit’ retail staff

Hiring the right personality fit is important in the retail sector, especially when you’re trying to maintain a particular culture across a multi-store environment. Roubler helps you hire candidates that truly fit your organisation through a combination of online intelligence and inbuilt machine learning algorithms. Individual candidates are ranked not just on their skills and experience but also on past performance and how well they fit the culture of your workplace. This approach both streamlines the process and ensures you always hire the best possible candidates for your organisation.

Increase efficiencies through multi-store rostering

Roubler enables you to roster for a single store or across multiple stores from one location. Use a mixed roster or allocate staff across multiple locations for increased flexibility and efficiency.

Communicate with employees instantly

It’s never been easier to communicate with your team. Staff can access their personal profile 24/7 to update details, view rosters and payroll or submit leave requests. Roubler will also alert employees of shift details, changes or reminders via push notification, SMS or email.

Reclaim your time by auto-rostering

Roubler makes rostering a breeze using employees from your own workforce, from Roubler or a combination of both. Rosters can be created manually or automatically generated using cost/performance data, employee preferences and information from previous rosters, while last minute vacancies can be auto-filled with your approval. Finalise your roster with a swipe and Roubler will automatically notify staff.

Easily manage absenteeism

Cope with last-minute gaps in your roster with staff on standby or candidates on your reserves bench who have already been screened for compatibility with your organisation using our inbuilt algorithms.

Easily manage employee lateness

Roubler can predict when employees will arrive prior to the start of shift and notify you of potential lateness. If you need a last-minute replacement for the employee, Roubler can cancel the current employee and find a suitable replacement from your reserves bench, ‘on standby’ database or job boards. This replacement is submitted for your approval in one swipe.

Use your existing retail workforce or hire through us

Manage your own retail workforce, source from ours, or use a combination of both. Roubler’s end-to-end workforce management service can do it all for you through the one platform. It’s the easiest, most cost-effective solution to instantly increase your workforce efficiency, productivity and profits.

Access our talent pool of Roubler-ready retail staff:

  • Sales Assistant
  • Retail Staff
  • Store Manager
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Concession Manager
  • Apparel & Footwear
  • Sales Supervisor
  • Storeperson