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The catering & events industry is a fast paced environment with high employee turnover and very demanding clientele. The greatest difficulty is maintaining a stable workforce given the varying hours, high seasonality and transient staff. Recruitment costs are high due to last-minute, on-demand resourcing strategies, yet the profitability margins are low to remain price-competitive. Then there’s the day-to-day challenges of rostering, communicating effectively with a remote or multi-site workforce, and the paperwork associated with managing the entire employee lifecycle for a transient workforce. That’s where we can help.

Roubler is the only fully integrated, end-to-end HR and workforce management platform designed to solve the pain points that exist in catering & events. It’s the simplest, easiest operational change that will deliver the greatest results. Increase cost-savings, efficiencies, productivity, and inturn, profitability. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

  • Manage the transient nature of your workforce with on-demand staffing
  • Manage your labour costs
  • Manage efficiently within a fast paced environment
  • Eliminate HR admin
  • Streamline recruitment and reduce costs
  • Easily manage absenteeism
  • Communicate with employees instantly
  • Easily manage employee details

Your catering & events workforce solution

Manage the transient nature of your workforce with on-demand staffing

Scale up or down easily with Roubler’s “reserves bench” where you can ‘favourite’ shortlisted candidates who you don’t have immediate vacancies for in your roster but want to let them know you are interested. With a swipe of a button, you can place these candidates on your reserves bench to access them in the future and have them ready at a moment’s notice. This ensures you always have the best candidates at your fingertips. Roubler also provides a third-party hire option, allowing you to tap into our Roubler-ready candidates who have been screened, checked and have undertaken the relevant inductions directly through Roubler as the legal employer. With 24/7 access, Roubler’s third-party hire option can be mobilised within a moment’s notice, ready to take full legal responsibility and manage your candidates throughout the entire employee lifecyle– allowing you to streamline your hiring model even further.

Manage your labour costs

Roubler auto-rosters to the best performance/cost ratios. By predicting the best skill/candidate/cost mix, your rosters provide maximum value by minimising costs and maximising performance.

Manage efficiently within a fast paced environment

Roubler’s automated, online platform is in real-time and performs tasks instantly from your mobile so you can easily keep at pace with the ever-changing nature of your operations.

Eliminate HR admin

No paper. No data entry. No double-handling. Roubler’s fully integrated, automated platform scans data from resumes and pre-fills information for you. Any missing information is entered once by your employee, through their self-service profile page which is accessible from their mobile. Roubler completely eliminates your HR admin workload.

Streamline recruitment and reduce costs

Use Roubler’s job advertisement template to select your candidate requirements such as education and certifications. With one click, Roubler will automatically search within its exclusive talent pool and post your job across multiple job boards to capture the attention of hundreds of job seekers. The cost of Roubler searching and advertising on your behalf is 90% less than if you were to place the advertisement yourself. Roubler will then automatically shortlist and rank which applicants are most suitable for your specific workforce requirements, ready for your swipe of approval.

Easily manage absenteeism

Roubler provides many last-minute resourcing options with staff on stand-by or on the reserves bench who have been pre-screened for ‘best fit’ using algorithm technology.

Communicate with employees instantly

Communicating with staff has never been easier. Staff have 24/7 access to their personal profiles to make updates, view rosters or payroll info, or lodge leave requests. Staff also receive SMS, email and push notifications through their mobile about shift details, reminders or changes.

Easily manage employee details

Onboarding is easy with Roubler intuitively pre-populating its database from information provided in resumes and sourcing any missing details directly from the employee. Roubler eliminates the frustrating paper trail by providing employees 24/7 to their profile page, where they can enter their details or make any changes, automatically reducing your admin costs. Roubler’s end-to-end workforce management service means that once the data is in the system, it never needs to be entered again.

Use your existing workforce or hire through us

Manage your own catering & events workforce, source from ours, or use a combination of both. Roubler’s end-to-end workforce management service can do it all for you through the one platform. It’s the easiest, most cost-effective solution to instantly increase your workforce efficiency, productivity and profits.

Access our talent pool of Roubler-ready hospitality staff:

  • Bar Staff
  • Chefs
  • Kitchen Hands
  • Wait Staff
  • Baristas
  • Food Attendants
  • Catering & Event Staff
  • Event Set Up
  • Event Cleaning and Pack