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Ireland’s construction industry is facing unprecedented skill shortages and greater competition for speciality trades. As the ageing workforce head towards retirement, there are fewer successors from the younger generations leading to a smaller talent pool and greater skill gaps. There is increasing pressure to improve strategies to attract, develop and retain staff. Overlay these broad industry challenges with day-to-day issues of managing across many sites, being burdened by onerous HR tasks and admin, minimising exposure to safety risks and lack of long-term workforce strategies, it’s no wonder you’re searching for a solution. That’s where we come in.

Roubler’s workforce management and HR platform is the only system that’s fully integrated and tailored to meet the demands of the construction industry. Making this operational change is a simple and straightforward way of achieving the best possible results through improved savings, efficiency, productivity and profitability. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back.

How it works
  • Manage multi-sites efficiently

    Multi-site organisations can use Roubler to roster, manage, hire and pay across multiple sites from a single location. Improve efficiency by creating flexible rosters, using staff across numerous different sites and streamlining communication with your employees. Staff can access person profiles 24/7 and will receive shift details, changes or reminders via email, SMS and push notifications.

  • Manage safety training and compliance

    Roubler improves the safety of your workplace by ensuring employees have completed essential training programs at numerous stages throughout their employee lifecycle. Employees also go through a safety check at the conclusion of their shift to ensure no safety incidents occurred and that any reports are made if necessary. This also helps avoid unexpected claims arising in the future.

  • Hire employees who fit the culture of your organisation

    Roubler uses a cutting-edge combination of machine learning algorithms and online intelligence to rate candidates based on a number of factors, including workplace fit, suitability and past job performance. Candidates will rate differently between organisations based on their strengths, ensuring you can hire employees that are the best fit according to your needs.

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