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Time and attendance software

Roubler’s all-in-one cloud-based software is designed especially for shift-based workforces.

We’ll help you streamline your workforce management, so you can focus on driving business growth.

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All-in-one software

Everything you need to manage your team.

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Time clocking

Automate time clocking data collection and go paperless.

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Workforce management

Manage employees seamlessly at every stage.

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Shift-based teams

Designed especially with shift-based teams in mind.

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Accurate time clocking

Our time clock feature lets you easily track when your team members are clocking in and out out of their shift, via their mobile phone or a clock in kiosk.

You can capture accurate attendance data and have full visibility over exactly who’s working, running late or on a break, and who has forgotten to clock off.

You’ll gain a new visibility over employee attendance and staffing costs, enabling you to manage your team effectively and work more efficiently.

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facial verification time clock

Facial verification technology

Roubler’s new biometric facial recognition technology is a secure and reliable way to ensure the correct employee is clocking in and out of their shift, eliminating time theft for good.

This feature uses advanced artificial intelligence to compare photographs captured via the time clocking kiosk with those already stored against an employee’s profile.

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roubler payroll

Automatic payroll data entry

With Roubler there is no need for manual data entry or messy integrations from separate time and attendance systems.

Our all-in-one software automatically submits approved, award-interpreted time and attendance records ready for payroll.

Roubler also includes everything you need to recruit, onboard, roster, manage and pay your team, all in one powerful system.

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Effortless award compliance

Roubler takes the complexity out of modern award compliance. Our built-in pay rules align with the latest changes by Fair Work Australia, reducing your risk of non-compliance.

Our all-in-one workforce management software works as one seamless whole, eliminating the need for manual data entry and cross-checking information, ensuring accurate payroll every time.

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Automatically post roles across multiple job boards, keep track of applicants, and find the perfect candidate for your business, all from within Roubler, thanks to our integration with Scout Talent.

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Employee onboarding

Make paperwork a thing of the past with our onboarding feature, which lets your newest team members onboard themselves online before their first shift and provide essential details such as their tax file number, bank account details and more.

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Assign shifts and notify your team of their schedule with ease, thanks to our cloud-based roster. This feature takes the complexity out of compliance and helps you reduce your wage bill at the same time.

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Time and attendance

Capture accurate attendance information by letting your team clock in and out as they start and finish a shift. You’ll gain a new visibility over attendance and costs, and approved time sheets can be sent straight to payroll with one click.

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Employee self service

Empower your team by giving them the tools they need to manage their work life, anytime, anywhere. Employees can view their roster, update their details, set their availability, request leave, swap shifts, view their payslips and so much more.

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Leave management

Manage your team’s leave online with our leave management feature, which works seamlessly across the entire Roubler platform and all its features with no need to cross-check information or double-enter data.

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Payroll software

Help ensure award compliance requirements are met with our sophisticated payroll system. This feature works seamlessly with rostering, time and attendance and leave management, eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring accurate payroll, every time.

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Document library

Upload, organise and distribute essential information to your team, all from one central location. The document library is the perfect place to store policies, templates and forms, and can be accessed straight from the employee portal.

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Ensure your team is constantly developing new skills with the world’s largest training library. Create your own training programs or select from thousands of existing e-learning courses. This feature is made possible thanks to our partnership with GO1.

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Workforce analytics

Access the information you need to make informed business decisions with our real-time analytics. Be empowered to optimise your workforce, analyse trends and reduce wage costs through sophisticated live workforce reporting.

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Outsourced payroll

We believe in our software so much that we use it ourselves to offer a cost effective, onshore managed payroll service solution exclusively for Roubler customers.

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Our customer support team is here for you 24 hours a day, five days a week, so you can get the help you need, exactly when you need it. We also have a comprehensive knowledge base, offering helpful resources so that you can get the most out of your system.

“Roubler works really well for us. The fact that all aspects are combined into one app, from rostering to staffing to staff logins, makes it so much easier to find and process information all in one place. It cuts down on wasted time and allows us to focus on really driving the business.”

– Joel McDermott, Manager, Potts Point Hotel
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We will always respect your privacy. We will treat your personal details with the utmost care, and will never sell your information to any third parties. If you choose to receive occasional updates and advice on how to grow your business you can unsubscribe at any time. View our Privacy Policy here.