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Online timesheets that automatically synchronise with payroll

Roubler’s single source of truth and seamless synchronisation between time and attendance and payroll features eliminates data entry, reduces pay run errors and increases the efficiency of payroll processes.

Seamless data flow between timesheets and payroll

As soon as you click approve on a timesheet, the time and attendance data is instantly sent through to our payroll software. There is nothing else you need to do.

Managers no longer need to scan, email or post timesheets to head office. And payroll staff no longer need to waste valuable time with clunky APIs, manual data entry or transfers.

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Reduce pay run errors by eliminating data entry

One wrong number is all it takes to cause a major payroll error.

The risk of mistakes in your pay run is reduced significantly when manual data entry and paper timesheets are removed from the equation. Roubler does exactly that by automatically producing online timesheets and sending the data straight to the payroll engine.

Built-in modern award interpretation

Approved timesheets are automatically passed through our built-in modern award interpretation software prior to being added into a pay run.

This sophisticated process calculates a myriad of complex overtime, higher duties, annual leave and entitlement combinations giving you accurate payroll without the headache.

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