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Payroll 101: choosing the right vendor and when to outsource

Compliant payroll happens when people, processes and technology work together. If one of these three is out of sync it can lead to inefficiency, risk and instances of non-compliance.

Despite this, payroll can often be an afterthought. Whether it’s a lack of investment, resources or simply struggling to scale your processes in line with business growth, efficient and effective payroll can slip away with disastrous consequences.

Join Roubler’s Chief Operations Officer, Nigel Ritson, and Payroll Experts Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Brett Cowan, on Thursday 29 September at 12:00 pm (AEST) for a comprehensive 45-minute masterclass and learn:

  • How to understand your statutory obligations
  • The importance of developing and maintaining internal policies
  • How to test these policies through tech’
  • Why you need a proactive approach to audits
  • When to outsource your payroll
  • How Roubler’s managed payroll solution can help your business
Nigel Ritson
As Chief Operations Officer, Nigel Ritson is in charge of operations across the Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa and UK markets. Nigel Ritson has extensive knowledge of workforce management and fintech associated with payroll, including previously managing the innovations department at one of South Africa’s largest publicly listed recruitment and labour placement company deploying various workforce efficiency projects into Africa.
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