Roubler CTO Alan McCabe & Beddown Founder Norm McGillivray
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Roubler’s new partnership with homeless charity Beddown

Roubler has partnered with homeless support charity Beddown to help them onboard and roster their team of amazing volunteers.

Beddown is a new Australian charity that provides a safe place to sleep for homeless people by using spaces that are traditionally empty at night, particularly covered carparks.  Inspired by his own experience of homelessness and a lightbulb moment in a nearly-empty shopping centre carpark, Norman McGillivray began seeking support for his idea to install pop-up accommodation in vacant spaces each night.

“Many of the homeless suffer from sleep deprivation due to the conditions of living on the streets. Sleep deprivation can lead to many physical and mental health conditions.

“By providing a safe, secure and comfortable place to get a good night’s rest, we help restore health, dignity and respect for our guests.” Norm said.

Beddown now has the support of Secure Parking who own car parks across Australia and New Zealand. A trial will take place in the Brisbane CBD before being rolled out nationally.

As well as providing a safe and comfortable bed for the night, Beddown will partner with other charities to provide complementary services such as food and drink, health, clothing, laundry and showers to its guests.

We were introduced to Beddown by our Chief Technology Officer, Alan McCabe (pictured). Alan has been working with Norm to implement Roubler as an easy way to roster a team of volunteers who work in shifts throughout the night, ensuring they know exactly where they are working and when they start. Roubler is also being used to onboard new volunteers so that Beddown can collect important details give their volunteers all the information they need before they start their first shift.

We look forward to continuing to work with this important charity and will post updates on our partnership and Beddown’s progress on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to keep you updated.

To find out more about Beddown, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

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