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Nine HR twitter accounts you should be following

Twitter is a fantastic way to keep up to date with the latest news from around the world. A twitter hashtag or account can blow up in an instant, catapulting a normal person or idea into Internet fame. It’s a lofty title. Kanye’s unprecedented rant at his concert Sacramento prompted twitter to trend the hashtag #KanyeIsOverParty, while the divisive Vice-President Elect Mike Pence’s appearance at the Broadway smash hit musical Hamilton led to #NameAPenceMusical. The point is, twitter is a powerful tool for disseminating information quickly. Every prominent news site has a twitter, which in times of crisis is updated often faster than their website. It’s important to have your finger on the pulse by following the right accounts.

  1. @billkutik

    If you’re looking for a focus on technology in HR, Bill Kutik’s account is the place to go. He’s a Human Capital Management (HCM) analyst and hosts his own YouTube channel – ‘Firing Line with Bill Kutik.” He’s an HR tech columnist, and “the father of HR Tech Conference,” making him a prominent voice for all things HR and tech related. He posts a few times a day, and tweets regularly when a new YouTube video comes out. If technology and HR is the niche you’re looking into, this is the place to go.

  2. @SHRM_Research

    SHRM is one of the big providers of original research in HR. While they have a number of twitter accounts, if you’re looking for information that is readily available and useful, this is the one to follow. Their information can be valuable for pitches, ideas, and even to bring up with your colleagues. Furthermore, you often don’t have to click into the articles to get immediate facts and information, as it’s included in the tweet, giving you a quick info fix on the go.

  3. @HRGrapevine

    HR Grapevine News isn’t just a twitter account; it’s attached to the prominent HR Operations magazine. Based in the UK, this account tweets almost hourly with relevant, up-to-date articles on today’s world in HR. There are advice and factual articles such as “How to Deal with Boomerang Bosses” and “The link between reward, retention & flexible working.” While some articles are focused on the UK and that particular geographic region, the information can generalised across all areas of HR.

  4. @FistfulOfTalent

    While the name is deceptively flippant, Fistful of Talent is a twitter account whose blogs are written by not just one, but multiple HR professionals. Managers, consultants, recruiters and more contribute to the veritable “fistful” of talent this account provides. The account must be doing something right to engage over 44,000 followers, and it often appears on “Best of HR Twitter” Lists. A small downside of the account is it appears to retweet consistently from the same sources, however the overall content of the account is high.

  5. @TrishMcFarlane

    Trish McFarlane as a person is inspiring enough to warrant a follow. A professional HR speaker with more than 15 years experience in the industry, McFarlane balances being CEO of two HR companies as well as author of the blog HR Ringleader. She volunteers, writes, and looks after her children all the while maintaining a high quality twitter. She tweets a few times a day and her wealth of experience and unique insights into the industry are worth a look. Her twitter manages to curate articles from multiple other accounts into one place by retweeting, removing the extra work you would have to do trying to find them.

  6. @SteveBoese

    Steve Boese is the co-host of the podcast #HRHappyHour with Trish McFarlane. He’s a contributor to multiple HR blogs, and keeps his twitter up-to-date with the podcasts, which are a good listen on the way to or from work when stuck in traffic or when cooking dinner (or waiting for the pizza guy to deliver dinner because you burnt yours again).

  7. @HRCurator

    Much like Trish McFarlane’s account, HR Curator makes it easier for you to receive all your HR information in one place, without having to go searching across the internet, while not entirely sure what you might be looking for. Like if one day Google disappeared and everyone had to use Bing to try and figure out what happened. Run by Dave Millner, the account is updated very regularly so you never have to wait for new content, and there’s always something to read. The account was named in the Top 100 Influencers and Brands by Onalytica, and with such engaging content it isn’t hard to see why.

  8. @roubler_HRIS

    While still a relatively new account in the grand scheme of twitter, this page is filled with sage advice, relevant information on the happenings in the HR world, and important advice articles from the newsroom. Based in Australia, unlike other new twitter accounts, it doesn’t clog your feed with repetitive articles seeking the next big trend. If you’re looking to follow a rising twitter in its infancy, this would be the one to choose.

  9. @DeloitteTalent

    You may have come across Deloitte Talent in your travels across the HR Internet before. The company is at the forefront of HR facts and information in the form of surveys and research. If you need the facts, Deloitte Talent is where you go. They often provide user-friendly infographics which are easy to understand and graphically brilliant. If you’re looking for cold hard facts and analysis, this is where you’ll find it.

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