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All Roubler features are connected by a single data source so you can see and manage employee information across the entire HR lifecycle on one platform.

The information you need to onboard employees, create rosters/schedules, approve and manage leave and run payroll is always up to date and ready to access with only a few clicks.

  • Recruitment
  • Onboard
  • Scheduling
  • Employee Self Service
  • Leave Management
  • Time & Attendance
  • Payroll
  • Business Analytics
  • Documents
  • E-Learning
roubler inteface screenshot of job posting software

1. Recruitment

Your Scout Talent Recruit and Engage products are accessed in Roubler via a Single Sign-on. From within Roubler, you can post job advertisements to multiple sites, streamline your applications to automatically create shortlists for hiring managers, automate your screening process, create and nurture a talent pool, and engage with candidates.

Once you’ve hired a candidate, their data automatically flows through to their employee profile in Roubler so they can onboard themselves and be ready to start work in minutes.

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2. Onboard

When you’ve confirmed your hire, you can set up your new employee’s profile with basic information such as name, email address, position, remuneration, manager’s name, working location and commencement date. Roubler can then sends an email to the employee which confirms their employment and invites them to onboard themselves.

Following a link in their email, employees can enter their contact details, emergency contact, medical information, licences, qualifications, payroll and tax details and visa information. They can also complete a fully customised induction and onboarding process which can include reading and signing documents like employee hand-books, policies and health and safety procedures.

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3. Scheduling

Your managers create their fully costed employee schedules using our drag and drop roster building tool. You can view and create schedules for the whole business or for each separate department. When employees notify them of their availability via the app this information is synchronised with the scheduling function so it’s simple to see which staff you have available for a shift.

Furthermore, our costing tool allows managers to see exactly how much it will cost per employee, per day and per week and calculates your labour efficiency rates for you.

Once the schedule is approved, staff are instantly notified by email and push notifications. And unlike using group messenger apps, communications are auditable and sent to individuals for greater privacy.

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Employee Self Service
desktop imac screenshot of roubler interface scheduling software

4. Employee Self Service

Employees can complete onboarding tasks, update their personal and payroll details, apply for leave, advise of unavailability, view their schedule/roster and swap shifts, and access payslips. Any changes they make via the portal on desktop or app are reflected in the relevant Roubler feature in real-time.

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Leave Management
tablet screenshot of roubler interface time and attendance feature

5. Leave Management

The Leave Management feature allows managers to see the dates and approval status for all employee leave requests. Furthermore, a handy calendar provides them with a visual representation of all leave for each month.

Employees request leave using the Employee Self Service feature on the app or via the portal on desktop. The app updates in real-time so that leave approvals can be seen on the employee app the instant they are made.

All approved leave requests are automatically fed through to the Rostering/Scheduling feature. Colour-coded alerts help managers create rosters/schedules using only staff who are available without the need to refer to a separate system or leave forms.

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Time & Attendance
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6. Time & Attendance

Shift start and end times and breaks are captured through Roubler's inbuilt time clock. Employees use a PIN, together with photo capture to access the system on a desktop or Samsung tablet.

Roubler calculates the employee’s pay in real time, taking into account differences between rostered/scheduled and actual worked times. Managers can then review and approve employee timesheets, individually or in bulk, at the end of the day ready for payroll in only a few minutes.

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tablet screenshot of roubler home page for fully managed payroll

7. Payroll

Once timesheets have been approved, the time and attendance data is automatically synchronised with the integrated payroll function, via the award interpreter. Payroll is then calculated and submitted with your approval Simple!

The payroll engine also provides you with dozens of ready-to-run reports to make reporting and compliance that much easier.

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Business Analytics
tablet screenshot of roubler home page for fully managed payroll

8. Business Analytics

From the moment you log in, Roubler’s dashboard gives you key statistics including the number of employees rostered for the day, clock ins and outs, absentees, estimated payroll costs. Roubler is also equipped with a range of ready-to-use reports.

Through our Business Intelligence feature you can see total scheduled hours (budget versus actual), employee costs, predicted sales and labour efficiency information for the week or the month at-a-glance.

Roubler's API has full integration with your POS or production system, allowing for real time decisions on labour efficiency and sales team performance.

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9. Documents

This feature uses similar filing protocols to Windows, so folders and files can be set up in a configuration that works for your business. You can upload, rename, move or delete files and folders whenever you need.

Furthermore, you can opt to send the document to individuals or groups and request an e-signature.

Roubler’s Document Library allows you to upload almost any file type including Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, images and ZIP files.

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tablet screenshot of roubler home page for fully managed payroll

10. E-Learning

Your GO1 learning management system (LMS) can be accessed in Roubler via a Single Sign-on. Create your own training courses using existing paper-based content or select from over 1000 ready-to-deliver courses to create custom learning pathways and certification courses relevant to your business. Employees can then complete the required training on any internet-enabled device.

Course registration and completion information can be viewed from within the employee profile in Roubler.

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One System.

See how Roubler combines every aspect of HR & payroll into one seamless cloud-based system for simpler workforce management and better business and employee performance.

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