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Workforce management for the healthcare industry

Roubler provides South African businesses with one seamless system for all their workforce management needs.

Gain data clarity, drive customer service, help ensure compliance and create efficiencies throughout your workforce.


Save up to 26% on overtime costs in the first month.


Reduce the time you spend creating rosters by 81%.


Improve productivity and efficiency by up to 15%.

Provide the highest standard of healthcare to your patients

Today more than ever, providing patients with a high standard of care is paramount. With mounting pressures on the healthcare industry globally thanks to COVID-19, and the ever-changing economic situation, creating efficiencies across the entire medical workforce is key.

That’s where Roubler comes in.

Our seamless software will help you ensure the right staff, with the right skill set, are working at the right time. Our powerful smart rostering feature makes it easy to create an effective and efficient roster, so you can focus on providing exceptional healthcare outcomes.

Smart rostering feature

Ensure the right people are working on each and every shift with Roubler’s smart rostering feature, based on each team member’s skill set, seniority and legislative requirements, enabling a high standard of patient care.

Streamline training and induction

Ensure your new staff are ready to hit the ground running with our onboarding feature. Collect their essential details and have them complete their induction training online, without the paperwork.

Reduce wage costs

Keep your wage costs to a minimum and manage your workforce efficiently with Roubler’s smart roster feature, which makes scheduling shifts more efficient and reduces wage-related expenses.

All-in-one software system

Our cloud-based software gives you everything you need to onboard, roster, manage and pay your staff in one cost-effective system, so there’s no need for messy integrations or multiple platforms.

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More about our seamless healthcare workforce management software

Healthcare workforce software

Roubler is an all-in-one workforce management solution that brings together everything you create workforce-wide efficiencies.

Roubler’s unique HR and payroll system for franchise businesses, helps you to simplify your day-to-day, increase efficiency, drive productivity and help ensure compliance based on your specific rates in South Africa.

Automated employee onboarding and induction

Go paperless and automate the employee onboarding process with Roubler’s retail employee onboarding software. You can allow data to flow seamlessly to rostering, time and attendance, payroll, and beyond.

Healthcare time and attendance software

Roubler’s all-in-one time and attendance software allows healthcare businesses to capture accurate clock in and clock out data, automatically creates timesheets, ready to send through to payroll for processing on approval.

HR and payroll software for South African healthcare businesses

Provide HR and payroll teams everything they need to effectively do their jobs, and simplify communication from head office to onsite happens in real-time with Roubler’s cloud-based workforce management software.

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