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HR electronic document management system (EDMS)

Communicate essential business information, documents and policies via desktop and mobile.

Communicate effectively with document management

With one simple feature you can quickly communicate important information to the right people, and give your team the flexibility to keep track of relevant documents and files from within the mobile app or employee portal.


Eliminate paperwork and transform HR processes

Roubler’s electronic document management system (EDMS) will help transform your HR processes and enable your business to go paperless. Employees have convenient access to essential documents online, and can easily sign them electronically rather than relying on manual paperwork.


Provide access to relevant teams and employees

Roubler enables a tailored approach to document management, enabling managers to provide team members with specific documents that are relevant to them. Access can be provided according to the individual, team, role type, location, or business-wide.

We were trying to manage our workforce with several systems that didn’t talk to each other. Roubler brings everything together seamlessly.


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Key electronic document management functionality

  • Customisable document management system
  • Videos, documents, policies and more
  • Access for individuals, teams, locations or business-wide
  • Electronic signatures for any file type
  • Mobile and desktop access to documents.

Key HR document management benefits

  • Communicate important company-wide information quickly
  • Keep employees informed and up-to-date
  • Provide instant, secure document access on mobile
  • Go paperless with electronic signatures
  • Meet document storage compliance requirements.

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More document management system features

Electronic document access control

Roubler’s HR document library makes it easy to provide relevant and confidential information to the right people or teams. Segment and grant file access to specific individuals or role types such as employees, managers, admin, or payroll. You can also choose to share with employees at a specific location, or to all staff business-wide.

Mobile and desktop access

The HR document library can be accessed via the mobile app and on desktop, giving staff easy access to essential information such as:

  • Business-wide announcements
  • Training and onboarding videos
  • Health and safety information
  • Work from home policies
  • Employee handbooks
  • Processes and procedures
  • Performance reviews.

Electronic signatures

Whether you’re rolling out a new business-wide policy, or need an individual employee to sign a new contract, Roubler’s document management system makes it easy to send documents for signing. Managers simply request a signed acknowledgement when uploading a file, and the recipient will be prompted to review and sign the document electronically via the online portal or ESS mobile app. Signed files will then be stored in their employee profile.

HR document library

Roubler’s HR document library feature gives you the freedom to create a document management system that works for your business. Managers can create as many folders and subfolders as needed, and can edit, organise or delete folders with ease.

Compliance and record-keeping

In South Africa, businesses are legally required to keep some employment records for five years. Roubler’s HR document management and all-in-one system helps ensure compliance by storing essential information including:

  • Employee details
  • Payroll, leave and hours of work
  • Reimbursements of work-related expenses
  • Workmen’s compensation
  • South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) contributions.

Streamlined document management

Roubler’s electronic document management system (EDMS) helps businesses manage information, data and documents digitally and provide access to teams and individuals as needed. It enables users to upload documents and ensure data management processes
are not cumbersome.

Document version control

Without the right human resource information system (HRIS) in place, efficiently organising digital documents for an entire workforce can be a challenge. The risk of sending the wrong version of a policy or procedure, or forgetting to send a document to a key employee is high. Roubler helps reduce these risks and streamline the entire document management process.


How can an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) help my business?

A well-organised Electronic Document Management System helps businesses by not only allowing faster more informed decisions but also improving the efficiency of processes throughout the business.

What is an EDMS? 

An EDMS is a digital database in which you can store, access and send documents easily and efficiently.

What are the benefits of using EDMS?

With an EDMS, you can:

  • Electronically store, file, access and manage your important documents
  • Save time searching for specific documents when you need them
  • Minimise your paperwork
  • Improve collaboration
  • Set up better backup and disaster recovery.

What is electronic document management?

Electronic document management is the process of importing, storing and managing documents as computer files. It allows you to create an electronic filing system that takes the place of physical documents.

What features does your EDMS have? 

Roubler’s EDMS feature includes:

  • A document management system you can customise
  • The ability to upload and share videos, documents, policies and more
  • Workforce-wide access
  • Digital signatures for any file type
  • Accessibility from mobile and desktop.

What document types can be stored?

Roubler’s document management system allows you to store most file types from PDF to JPG, to MP4 and more.

Does Roubler’s EDMS support record retention programs?

With Roubler, you can keep documents and employee information in the cloud and adhere to your record retention programs.

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