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South African Outsourced Payroll Service

Roubler’s payroll offering is like none other in the South African market, utilising the sophisticated cloud based HRIS and payroll software backed by a highly experienced South African based onshore payroll team with an average payroll experience of 15 years. Utilise the end-to-end benefit of having your HR, rostering, T&A and payroll in the one software system and all included as part of the Roubler outsourced payroll service.

The Roubler outsourced payroll management solution has been developed as part of a highly sophisticated HR & payroll technology platform and for those valued customers who wish to outsource their payroll to a highly experienced South African team, the outsourced payroll management solution is the perfect combination. With one login and no need to export or send data across your HRIS, time and attendance and payroll systems you can access any number of standard and customised reports whilst having access to South Africa’s best fully integrated workforce management system.

Key Benefits of Outsourced Payroll

  • Onshore highly experienced team with over 15 years average experience in the payroll industry.
  • Backed by Roubler’s all-in-one workforce management software providing significant cost savings for your business.
  • Modern award and statutory compliance guaranteed 100%. Roubler includes at no cost free audit and compliance of any legislative changes.
  • Drive significant cost savings through streamlining and outsourcing your HR Software & outsourcing payroll all through the one system.
  • We deliver 100% correct, on time and compliance payroll through our fully integrated payroll system.
  • Roubler’s payroll management service supports small & medium business through to corporates and government agencies.

All-in-one features.

South African based Payroll Team

Our highly experienced South African based payroll team located in the Johannesburg, South Africa provides your business with direct access to some of South Africa’s highest calibre and experienced payroll professionals.

  • Average 15 years professional payroll experience
  • Located in South Africa
  • Allow you to focus on your core business
  • We are here to help, call anytime 24/7

Cost Savings

Roubler’s all-in-one HRIS & Payroll system drives significant efficiencies, data control and cost savings. Not only does Roubler’s technology enabled outsourced payroll solution outsource non-core activities but also provides significant internal efficiencies in your business.

  • Outsource non-core functions
  • One system driving efficiencies and significant time savings
  • No more double handing or corrupted / inaccurate payroll data
  • Remove multiple software subscriptions and include all HR related software and payroll managed services in one flexible low cost
  • No lock in contracts

Cloud Technology

One single source of truth is core to Roubler’s technology design. No longer is there lack of control and risks around corrupted data moving between systems. Roubler’s sophisticated technology platform has revolutionised the management of payroll data. Access via mobile, tablet or desktop anytime anywhere.

  • Australian based highly experienced development team
  • World class cloud based technology
  • Mobile app, tablet and desktop capability
  • Industry leading global platform
  • Employee Onboarding, Rostering, T&A, Analytics & Payroll
  • One system. One. Login. Fully integrated software platform
  • Trust in a system used by both small business and government agencies

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Reporting & Analytics

Roubler’s comprehensive of reports along with flexibility to create customised reports provides you with payroll processing data with the click of a button. The true advantage of Roubler is the all-in-one system allowing your team to access real time live data across any part of the HR & payroll function.

  • Real time & live payroll data
  • One system allowing you to approve data and see the results in real time
  • Business intelligence software
  • Match employee cost data with live revenue or production to understand true productivity metrics in real time all within Roubler

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Governance & Compliance

Maintaining a high level of governance and compliance across the payroll function whilst achieving the strategic objectives is an increasingly challenging task. Roubler’s systems and processes backed by world class cloud based payroll software provides absolute peace of mind that your payroll is 100% complaint.

  • Confidence you maintain 100% compliant payroll
  • Statutory and pay rules compliance
  • Industrial relations compliance
  • Experienced team
  • Regular third party audits to ensure compliance is inline with legislative changes
  • Genuine separation of duties and governance structures are maintained and improved through Roubler payroll outsourcing

Streamlined Payroll Transition

Roubler is highly experienced in the project management of payroll transitions and takes care of all aspects of the transition so you and your team can continue on as business as usual. This is key to the Roubler experience and ensuring your experience is absolutely seamless. The software and managed payroll transition includes;

  • Your experienced and dedicated payroll specialist will handle all aspects of your payroll outsourcing transition
  • Test pay runs including modern award or enterprise agreement assessment
  • Payroll rules, leave balances, timeframes and SLA’s completed
  • Payroll reporting processes and timeframes established
  • Dedicated implementation specialist will onboard you and your team onto the Roubler all-in-one system

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Employee Self Service

Roubler HRIS & payroll system provides employee self service through the mobile employee payroll app, tablet or desktop. This payroll self service app and online access drives employee engagement and provides real time data flow between employees and payroll.

  • Move to cloud based payroll management
  • No more paper based forms
  • Eliminate data entry
  • Employees can update or add details anytime, anywhere
  • Employees have access to their full profile along with workforce management tools such as rostering, leave, availability and much more

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Roubler’s powerful technology backed outsourced payroll solution

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