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Job Description – Project Manager

Project Manager Job Description

Download Roubler’s Project Manager Job Description template below.

This project manager job description template has been created to help you when hiring a manager for your latest projects. The template is easy to upload to online job sites, and can easily be tailored to to your project’s specific needs. This template includes a role outline, key duties and responsibilities, and required skills. There’s a space for detailed company and project information, as well as preferred contact details. Find the perfect project manager today. Download the job description outline below.


Project Manager Job Description




Our company is seeking a skilled and practiced project manager to organise a variety of projects for key clients. The portfolio of projects is broad, so the chosen applicant will have a proven history of successfully managing a range of project types for a variety of clients. The responsibilities involved in the project management include, but are not limited to, delivering the project on time, restricting the project’s budget to within the client’s outlined scope, and ensuring the client’s brief is met. The successful applicant will have business ability, proven success in budgeting and analysis, as well as experience in managing a large team. The chosen project manager will be able to ensure each project team member is giving the best effort at all times, and will be able to deliver each project to brief on time.



The successful applicant will carry out the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Manage both internal resources as well as external vendors for seamless project performance
  • Make sure that each and every project is completed within the timeframe and within budget
  • Calculate scopes and present them to clients and stakeholders
  • Ensure the availability of resources required for the project, and allocate them adequately
  • Create a thorough plan for each project in order to keep track of the progress
  • Apply suitable verification strategies to handle variations in project scope, cost, or timeline
  • Keep clients up-to-date on project performance
  • Ensure a good relationship between the clients and stakeholders
  • Consistently perform risk assessments
  • Uphold a good relationship with third party vendors
  • Ensure project documentation is completed throughout



The successful applicant will have the following experience and skills:

  • A tertiary education, with a degree in computer science or engineering particularly beneficial for the scope of projects
  • Experience managing projects, at least as a project administrator
  • High level technical skills, with a solid comprehension of software development
  • High level communication skills, with the ability to seamlessly facilitate client relations
  • Excellent organisational ability, with high levels of attention to details and the ability to prioritise tasks
  • Complete aptitude with Microsoft Office, especially Excel, Outlook, and Word
  • Exceptional ability to manage a large team, so that each person is working efficiently towards the same goal


Please provide a full cover letter and resume to the manager to be considered for this role.


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