Drug & Alcohol Template Policy

Drug & Alcohol Template Policy

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This free drug and alcohol workplace policy template details the responsibilities of staff and management regarding the use/consumption of alcohol and other drugs in connection with employment.

The application of this drug and alcohol policy is to cover the instance when an employee’s ability to work safely and productively may be impaired by the consumption of alcohol or the use of drugs.

The assists companies which intend to prevent any harm caused by the use or abuse of alcohol or other drugs in the workplace.

Compliance with this drug & alcohol policy is a condition of employment for all company employees, temporary and casual staff (hereon all three categories referred to as employee).

This drug & alcohol policy template includes:

  • Table of contents
  • Alcohol and other drugs statement
  • Policy Statement
  • Policy Application
  • Organisational Obligations
  • Procedure
  • Responsible use of alcohol at company sponsored functions
  • Standards of business conduct at company sponsored functions
  • Records and confidentiality
  • The act of purchasing, manufacturing or selling drugs
  • Substance dependency
  • Use of prescription or over the counter drugs
  • Assistance
  • The case for immediate dismissal
  • Visitors to the workplace
  • Employees
  • Possession, purchase, manufacture, sale or distribution of illicit drugs and/or related equipment
  • Impairment related to alcohol and drug use
Drug & Alcohol Template Policy