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Store, manage and send HR documents

Employees work best when they have all the information they need at their fingertips. We understand that you need to make certain HR specific and company-wide documents available for your staff to access at any time. And it makes sense that HR policies and procedures, onboarding, payroll and leave documents are stored within the same system you use to manage these functions.

Roubler’s Document library not only provides your staff with direct access to important HR documents, it allows you to choose who can see certain documents and send them directly to individuals and groups with an optional request for an electronic signature.

This feature uses similar filing protocols to Windows, so folders and files can be set up in a configuration that works for your business. You can rename, move or delete files and folders whenever you need to so that employees only access the most up-to-date version available.

Manage important documents from within your HR & payroll system.

  • Create a customised filing system that allows you to easily find and identify files.
  • Upload almost any file type including Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, images and ZIP files.
  • Send documents to individuals or groups by email and request signing to acknowledge they have received and read the document.
  • Set visibility levels by job level and location to ensure the documents are relevant and confidential.
  • Reduce the time employees waste searching for documents by storing them in the same platform they use for other HR related tasks.

All-in-one features.

Customisable filing directory

Roubler’s Document Library is a blank slate that gives you the freedom to create a system of folders and files that works for your business.

  • Create multiple top-level directories
  • Create as many sub-directories and folders as you wish
  • Name, rename and delete as often as necessary

Control access & visibility of documents

Do you only want your Employee Warning Letter Template to be visible to managers in your Sydney and Melbourne Stores? Roubler can do that. To help you keep information confidential and relevant to the right people, Roubler allows you to control the visibility of documents according to:

  • Position type – employees, Managers, Payroll, HR
  • Location – one location only, selected locations or all locations

You can even assign visibility rights to individuals.
Visibility levels can be set at folder and individual files level, and multiple visibility rules can be applied to each file.

Convenient access to important information

The document library can be accessed via the Employee and Manager portals. This makes it easy to remember where HR documents are so it’s the ideal place to store:

  • Policies
  • Processes and Procedures
  • Safety Statements
  • Warning Letter Templates
  • Performance Review Template
  • Expense Claim Template
  • Company Wide Memos
  • Clothing Order Templates
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Your ‘How to use Roubler’ guide!

Send documents and request an e-signature

You can rest assured that new policies or procedure documents are being read by your employees by sending them via Roubler’s Document Library.

Select your recipients and check the ‘request e-sign’ box to ask them to sign the document electronically to acknowledge that they’ve received and read the document. The signed document will then be stored in the Documents and Notes section of their employee profile.

It’s that simple.

Discover the benefits of Roubler’s Document Library tool

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