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HR software

HR Glossary

HR software

Human resources (HR) is a critical aspect of every business. Human resources deals with the organisational and administrative aspects of a business, including hiring, training, and general employee management. HR essentially deals with people management. HR officers typically assist the employees in a workplace to achieve their best by performing a series of tasks, including hiring new employees who will benefit the workplace, assessing performance, training new starters, and organising all relevant paperwork. However, many tasks involved in HR can be tedious and time-consuming. Increasingly, these kinds of menial HR tasks are being automated by intelligent software. HR software are programs designed to complete these tasks in a fraction of the time it takes us. HR software ranges from tools to recruit and onboard employees, to applications that can auto-create rosters and track time and attendance. HR software is designed to assist employees and workforces to achieve their maximum potential. It can be implemented by companies of all sizes as a means to heighten productivity and boost employee satisfaction.

HR software comes in many shapes and sizes. There’s traditional HR software – that is, on-premise HR software which needs to be installed onto various devices in the workplace. However, most effective in today’s digital landscape is cloud-based HR software. This kind of HR software requires only a login, and can then be accessed on any internet-connected laptop, PC, or mobile phone. It’s much more accessible, and generally offers more detailed features than on-premise HR software.

Roubler is the ultimate in HR software. Our intelligent technology automates the entire employee lifecycle, and will save your business mammoth amounts of time and money. Seamlessly recruit and onboard the perfect new employee, create intelligent rosters, track T&A and staff performance, and operate in compliance with modern awards. Roubler is the full workforce management solution.

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